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Microsoft: Video gaming is for everyone and also Phil Spencer states almost everywhere

The brief version is: Video gaming is for everyone and everywhere.

With the model of the Game Pass as well as the cloud video gaming via streaming on all gadgets, the choice will be broadened. As well as certainly, you prepare to bring loan from Activision Blizzard like Telephone Call of Task, Diablo or Overwatch. This need to additionally increase the size of the corresponding communities as well as make the solutions extra eye-catching.

It is understood that gaming consoles are not the only way to play. The marketplace for mobile pc gaming is growing fastest. As well as below you intend to give the gamers the choice in addition to the programmers. This must enable the opportunities for innovations as well as growth.

We love gaming consoles, however we additionally recognize that they are not the only way to play games. The largest as well as fastest growing section of the video games are today the mobile platforms. If you provide the players the choice of just how they desire to play their games, play comes to be more obtainable as well as leads to bigger, extra dynamic gamer areas.

In a short article, Xbox boss Phil Spencer today demonstrated the view of points relating to the takeover of Activision Snowstorm by the Microsoft Team.

We increase the choice in 2 ways: by producing Game Pass, which uses the gamers a membership option, and by bringing even more games on mobile systems, consisting of via our cloud game streaming technology. Subscribe solutions like Game Pass make video games much more budget friendly as well as aid players from all over the globe to find their next favored game.

Microsoft needs new abilities as well as, over all, experience to implement his objectives. And also the latter teams from Activision Blizzard use their ready mobile platforms. It is additionally wished that gamers play standard Konsole video games from Activision Blizzard on various other systems with cloud game streaming.

Microsoft wants to make games available to billions of individuals, the post states. And the takeover represents a crucial milestone there.

On the removal of franchise business like Call of Obligation from various other systems, Spencer said in the article:


As we have currently stated, we have committed ourselves to make the very same version of Phone call of Duty offered on Playstation on the very same day when the game comes on the market in other places. We know that the gamers benefit from this approach since we did it with Minecraft, which is still available on numerous platforms as well as has actually been expanded to Mojang to Microsoft to even more platforms in 2014. If we expand our game store to new devices and platforms, we will certainly make certain that we do this in a method that protects the opportunity of the programmer to choose how to offer their video games.

We broaden the choice in 2 methods: by producing Game Pass, which offers the players a membership option, as well as by bringing even more games on mobile systems, consisting of via our cloud game streaming modern technology. Subscribe services like Game Pass make games more cost effective and also assist gamers from all over the globe to discover their following favorite game. Game Pass provides designers the opportunity to supply even more video games for more players, not for less. We mean to make the preferred game collection of Activision Blizzard-including Overwatch, Diablo as well as Call of Duty-available in the Game Pass and also to expand these game neighborhoods. It is additionally really hoped that gamers play typical Konsole video games from Activision Blizzard on other systems through cloud game streaming.

The Colossal Cave of Roberta Williams will likewise be released on Switch over


The result is therefore called Colossal Cave-Reimagined by Roberta Williams, a rereading of a textual journey game configured in the mid-70s by William Crowther and also Don Woods. The world may have neglected it or just never ever understood, yet not Roberta Williams, 69, who had actually determined to get started on the video clip game sector thanks to this title.

As revealed last March, the characteristic beginning of Sierra, Ken and also Roberta Williams, could not resist released from their retired life to develop a brand-new game. Hard wager in this time very various from the time of the King’s Pursuit, Gabriel Knight And Also various other Phantasmagoria that made Sierra renown.

This gigantic storage takes the kind of an action-adventure video game evocative an antiquedungeon Crawler _. This first-person game uses to check out a network of caverns cut right into 15 different areas as well as solve the puzzles to entrust all the prizes. We can see many conventional adversaries ofdreamdepend on the player’s path, but no battle system appears to be advanced. As in the original textual video game, the progression ought to therefore be based upon choices and also the proper use supply things.

First revealed on computer as well as Meta Mission 2, Colossal Cave-Reimagined by Roberta Williams will also be readily available console as well as even more specifically on Switch over by the end of the year, introduces the Cygnus Home entertainment studio. It was under this new banner that Roberta Williams resumed her tasks as a designer, while her partner Ken placed her return right into the cirpring of the shows by adjusting the Unity engine.

Colossal Cave-Bande-Annonce Change


Colossal Cave-l’Histoire de Ken as well as Roberta Williams

Previous göttel goal suffices: Hildesheim wins in Havelse

Halfed little to the Werder children on Saturday, Lukowicz took the lead for Ottensen in the 15th minute. It was likewise dangerous for the house team in min 24 when Jesgarzewski had to clarify on the line. The host after that had the last word, after a counterattack Steinwender was with in the 87th min, and also this time the conclusion was made 2-1, which was additionally the end result quickly later on.

The beginning of the 2nd fifty percent was still balanced, Atlas took the most up to date command in the last phase. Joker Schindler compensated his team 3-2 for a shifting minute (81.) for a solid mins. Azadzoy also had the 4th objective on his foot in added time, however stopped working due to Peitzmeier. After that was completion of work. We made a great away game, far better in the very first fifty percent than after that after the break, analyzed trainer Elard Ostermann after the game. In the end it is an unneeded loss due to the fact that we allowed the challenger return right into play as well rapidly after the trip.

Flensburg offers

The TSV Havelse hoped for an improvement after lean five points from five games. Havelse was the stronger team in the further course, Schleef racked up the message with a totally free kick shortly prior to the break as well as Jaeschke failed in the 66th min with a fine on VfV goalkeeper Brandt. The cathedral team dominated 2nd location.

Bitter due to the fact that the Ostermann team already led 2-0 after a quarter of a hr. After six mins, Müller pressing an IMSAK input over the line. The second division get responded to nine minutes later, once more Müller was the client in the.

The circumstance continues to be strained with BW Lohne. Also on the sixth matchday, the advertised gamer can not schedule anything countable and also left a penalty that Westerhoff anticipated. There was no more than the connection to 1: 2 (90. +4) from Janssen after a counterattack versus SV Drochtersen/Assel. He makes it comfy in the leading group through the goals of Steffens (28th) as well as Sobotta (52nd).

Over all, the last mins at SSV Jeddeloh II ought to not have gone to the taste of H96. Prior to that, Hahn had actually brought the home team from the factor (55. ).

After a goalless very first fifty percent, in which the hosts could not yet take benefit of their many possibilities, Kramer placed his team in the lead after a corner kick with his head (58th). The guests could not use their roughly 20-minute urge stage at the end of the game. Shortly before the last whistle, the alternative Kurzbach satisfied after a deadly Lübeck throw-in that Flensburg made a four-against-one additional charge scenario feasible, the final rating (89. ).

Kiel II as well as Emden require points

Additionally, on Sunday, VfB Lübeck against Holstein Kiel II. While Lübeck is still fighting the top unbeaten, the Kiel reserve embeds the cellar. It is difficult to withstand that after five games we just have two factors in the account. With the exemption of the game at HSV II, we were not the worse team in any kind of game, Holstein instructor Sebastian Gunkel battled 1-2 at eye degree versus Flensburg. It is presently hard. We spend a lot of investment in the game, really need to lead and also all of a sudden lie behind. A young team needs to digest it initially.


The 32-year-old protector proceeds: The individual errors are stacking up, as well as in the regional league they are currently penalized ice cold. We have to be much a lot more concentrated and enjoy that we will rapidly rack up. The challenger is away from Hamburger SV II – basic job for Dassel as well as Co.-Denoch at least the very first point should be reserved to the even empty account.

Havelse was the more powerful team in the more course, Schleef scored the post with a cost-free kick soon before the break and also Jaeschke failed in the 66th min with a penalty on VfV goalkeeper Brandt. It was additionally unsafe for the house team in min 24 when Jesgarzewski had to clear up on the line. After a goalless very first fifty percent, in which the hosts could not yet take benefit of their various opportunities, Kramer put his team in the lead after a corner kick with his head (58th). Before that, Hahn had brought the house team from the point (55. ). With the exception of the game at HSV II, we were not the even worse team in any game, Holstein trainer Sebastian Gunkel had a hard time 1-2 at eye level against Flensburg.

So while Kiel still has to locate on the right track, the Bremer SV has actually currently gotten here in the brand-new organization. Most just recently, the promoted team celebrated two success. With a third on Sunday afternoon at Eintracht Norderstedt, the BSV would certainly already have a small padding on the relegation area.

One of the very best technique

** The origins of the Starcraft world are available for Lau-at the very least when you are Amazon Prime customer. One of these video games is the original Starcraft, which is now offered in the remastered version at Amazon Prime.

There are a number of video games that everybody should have played, also if you are otherwise not so interested in a certain genre. These turning points in the video gaming location are just a should to comprehend just how the categories have formed-or even after decades they are so prominent that it would merely be a frivel not to check into the game at the very least when. Among these games is the initial Starcraft, which is now readily available in the remastered variation at Amazon Prime.

The origins of the Starcraft world are readily available for Lau-at the very least when you are Amazon Prime customer. We disclose what waves to you.

If you are trying to find a couple of hrs of great strategy enjoyment or just require an additional timeless in your collection, after that you can do nothing with Starcraft: Remastered-especially if you still play Starcraft II and the plot total want to understand. Because Starcraft II is based upon the wonderful story of the initial part.

There is a flock of Zerg, led by the terrifying overmind, individuals of the Terrans and also the mystical, in some way stylish protoss.

** Basically is Starcraft: Remastered still a pearl in the strategy genre and is for that reason worthwhile for every person that is in any kind of way in real-time approach. StarCraft is largely a 2D game that just tries to mimic 3D-even if it was considerably prettied up in many areas.

Have you already secured Starcraft: Remastered? Otherwise, you need to hurry, due to the fact that the deal is just valid until September 1st.

What type of game is that? Starcraft still uses today, over 24 years after the original launch, still among the most effective well balanced strategy games. Even after that, Starcraft convinced not only with a fairly interesting project, but likewise with different degree designs with different objective types and also three types, which all played completely differently.

Starcraft still uses today, over 24 years after the original launch, still one of the best balanced technique video games. Generally is Starcraft: Remastered still a pearl in the strategy genre and also is for that reason rewarding for every person who is in any kind of way in real-time method.

How do you obtain to the game? So that you get the game complimentary of charge, you have to be a consumer of Amazon Prime.

On top of that, the remastered version additionally consists of the Brood War development, which comes again with new units and also other campaigns types.

Why is Hit 2 focus on creators?

Hit 2 chose a very different line from its predecessor. Unlike the action RPG hit, he chose MMORPG, supported cross-platforms, and made a siege that had not been in the first episode. The most amazing part is that the game has been promoting creator support as a core content before the game was released. In particular, the creator has created a system that can be sponsored directly in the game, not the broadcasting platform.

Many gamers are curious about the direction of Hit 2. How to inherit IP identity, what are the characteristics of the siege, and why are you focusing on creator sponsorship? Game Mecca met with Nexon Games Park Young-sik PD, Kim Eui-hyun, and Nexon Development Management Team Park Hyun-chul.

Q. Why did you choose the new IP as a hit?

Park Young-sik PD (hereinafter referred to as Park Young-sik) : Sudden Attack and Hit are the most important IP at Nexon Games. As the hit ended the service, there was an atmosphere of showing a hit in an internally. So I prepared the hit 2 faster and more closely.

Q. What feedback came out in the pre-test?

Park Young-sik : I conducted an in-house test twice, and the good feedback was about the PC version. In this work, I wanted to see the difference between the PC and the mobile model. To this end, we have used graphic resources more to show differentiated graphics on your PC. Instead, on mobile, it is clearly concerned about optimization so that the game can be played without heat or seamlessness. Thus, the rendering technology applied between the two models is different and the overall atmosphere is quite different.

It was pointed out that the disadvantage was that it was faithful to showcase field content in the in-house test preparation stage, so there was a lot of discrimination in the genre. This is likely to be filled with siege warfare and unveiled contents such as the tuner’s altar. In particular, developers are interested in the altar of the coordinator.

Q. The game can feel the sequel to the hit overall?

Park Young-sik : There are things that make the hit look like a hit, and among them, ‘Let’s save this’ was the link and the cancer. I thought to show the IP wide for the rest of the items. The characters originally appeared in the form of time passed, or showing only the original painting in the previous work.

Q. The altar of the coordinator who enacts the server rules by voting by users may seem interesting, but there may be side effects such as voting rights transactions. Are you considering these parts?

Park Young-sik : After testing this system, I saw two flow. One is the agenda that the users of the no-pay users will be safe, and the other was the agenda that could continue to be enjoyed in the top. If these parts were decided only as heads, it seemed to be adopted only the obvious agenda, and I thought it would be possible to make interesting decisions if the transaction entered the voting rights. It is predicted that if you move attention to the goods that you sell and acquire the voting rights, you will be able to create new trends, discussions and discussions in decision making. Of course, there are many predictions about whether the voting rights will be sold internally.

Q. What will the side effects of the workplace user intervene in voting?

Park Young-sik : The workplace issue is preparing to actively defend through the Nexon Group AI-based search system. The workplace will also find the way as much as our efforts, but we are trying to minimize the intervention factors by actively searching and responding. We will try to show the information to users as soon as possible.

Q. How is the paid content of Hit 2 configured?

Park Young-sik : BM has a class and a pet draw. However, two types of accessories are included in the launch BM. When I bought a season pass and spent about 50,000 won in the month, I thought about the best price. The cost of reinforcement, such as the cost of reinforcement, really prepared hard to avoid crossing the line. The packages that are released at the start of the game are also being prepared in the form of minimizing it.

Q. Is there a collection or collection?

Kim Eui-hyun : Item, class, and pet collections are available. It seems to take 30% of the total growth factors.

Q. What is the update plan?

Park Young-sik : Once you are preparing, you will explain the character gifts that were introduced at the end of September. At the end of November, I will add world server content.

Regarding the support of creators

Q. Why did you allow creators to support in the game?

Park Young-sik : I wanted to take advantage of the positive effects of the creator’s activities. MMORPG had a hardcore side, but I thought that the fun of seeing the union of the alliance through the guild alliance was significantly increased, and I thought not to exclude the creators at the center. However, I also thought that it would be right to support the creator for competing for the fun. So, while eliminating this, players were able to support them directly to help the creators.

Q. How does the creator make a profit? Is there any conflict with the current law?

Park Young-sik : Creators can register with very minimal qualifications. If the user sees a creator and makes a sponsorship payment, the point is accumulated in the creator as much as the specified value. However, since there are many issues such as a refund of sponsorship, the creator can exchange points after a certain period of time.

Q. The benefits are concentrated on the creator, are there any benefits for the patrons?

Park Young-sik : If you give benefits, you may be forced to support it. Regardless of whether or not it is sponsored, we are preparing for coupons that can be entered when we just start broadcasting or to see people who need help.

Q. In general, large creators are a favorable structure, which may adversely affect. Is there any preparation?

Park Young-sik : It is recognized that people who are recognized and popular can be advantageous. However, it could not be a penalty to those people. We are thinking about how to support small and medium-sized creators.

Q. There are many dissatisfaction with users about large game companies supporting game broadcasters for charging costs. What is the hit 2?

Park Young-sik : (Such) Never. It will never be during the service.

** Q. The creator sponsorship program takes place for 3 months, but if the user response is not good, will it be abolished?

Park Young-sik : I haven’t been deeply worried about that, but if everyone says like that, it seems to be abolished.

Q. I’m worried that the game will go around for creators. How to prevent this?

Park Young-sik : A lot of questions and suggestions are received through the ‘Adventurer’s Letter’ operated by the official forum. Even after the launch, I will communicate based on the stories received through the channel. The opinions delivered through this can be confirmed systematically. Communication through creators is not yet considered. The most important thing is that it will be the opinion received through the ‘Letter of the Adventurer’.

Regarding siege warfare

Q. He said he could enjoy the siege from the beginning. I want to know how growth time is considered.

Director Kim Eui-hyun (hereinafter referred to as Kim Eui-hyun) : If you develop a game with the end content, you may have a longer period of time. So I thought I should make a siege and release it in advance. Of course, the siege may not be activated from the beginning. Low level users can go up or go up or monopolize them. To this end, we have prepared a system that can be coordinated until the siege is held and rolled smoothly.

Q. The siege and the union are formed by the leadership of large guilds, but I want to know how the problems that arise will be solved.

Kim Eui-hyun : I thought it was possible to do some midnight action through the ‘Tuner’s Altar’. For example, if you do not allow PK to proceed in a specific channel through the ‘Tuner’s Altar’, it will be difficult to control the user of the giant guild.

Q. There are magic barrier gimmicks in the siege, and I am curious about the detailed explanation.

Park Young-sik : Magic Ball is an important key point in the whole siege. I tried a siege with a crash between characters, but it was a bit uncomfortable when I was fighting in the field. So there was a collision in the field. Instead, the siege thought it was necessary to control gimmicks, so I put character collisions and magic barriers.

Q. Is there an object that will overturn the situation like siege equipment?

Park Young-sik : I think the use of magic barriers is the core. When the player is concentrated in front of the barrier, the barrier defense rises, and the unique elements are put into the magic barrier in many ways. If other siege elements entered, it seemed a bit complicated.

Q. What is the size of the siege?

Park Young-sik : At the time of launch, 10 guilds can be participated at a time.
You can participate in about 5-600 people in a siege war.
If the service is stable, we will increase the size and number.


Finally, please give me a word

Kim Eui-hyun : There is a week left until the launch.
I think I have enough preparation.
Please enjoy the game.

Park Hyun-chul’s development team leader : I prepared hard under the hit name.
I will service as hard as possible.

Park Young-sik : When playing the game, the most unfortunate part is when the game is too burdensome, so you can see it to quit or play the game.
(Hit 2) I want to be a game that is not burdensome in that sense.
I want to prevent the game from stopping because the game burdens the player.

Episode of House of the Dragon: Exactly how excellent is the Video game of Thrones-Spin

Fans of Game of Thrones are already eagerly anticipating the begin of House of the Dragon on August 22, 2022. In this prequel to among one of the most successful collection, Westeros is as soon as again the focus. Nevertheless, the events of the House of the Dragon are around 200 years of Thrones . We have actually currently responded to all the concerns that are available prior to the start of the prequel in our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION .

First votes for House of the Dragon

While we have to wait for the start by Monday, some movie critics currently had the opportunity to look at the first episode from House of the Dragon. In basic, the feedback from the premiere is favorable . Over all, the atmosphere of the program is being praised very a lot.

While numerous movie critics more than happy that the old Game of Thrones really feeling is back, some in their evaluations observe that the manufacturers of House of the Dragon were extra on the basis of it and also brought numerous well-known aspects into the prequel to have. So the program should not be able to leap out of the shadow of its predecessor.

Accordingly, followers of Game of Thrones will certainly feel quickly at home-but there should be sufficient modifications that makes the prequel an independent point . And if you desire to see even more dragons **, you will get your money’s worth right here too.

where can House of the Dragon be seen?

Soon you can make your very own opinion concerning the prequel. Just like Game of Thrones, Sky will certainly be in charge of the broadcast. At 3 a.m. on August 22, 2022 you can watch the premiere there. You can also choose the streaming service provider WOW (previously Skies Ticket) if you do not have a registration to Sky. The ten episodes of the very first season will also be available each week.

To residence web page

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Fans of Game of Thrones are currently looking forward to the beginning of House of the Dragon on August 22, 2022. The occasions of the House of the Dragon are around 200 years of Thrones . While we have to wait for the begin by Monday, some critics already had the possibility to look at the first episode from House of the Dragon. Appropriately, followers of Game of Thrones will certainly feel rapidly at home-but there needs to be enough changes that makes the prequel an independent thing **.

Hogwarts Legacy finally announces a release date, although we will have to wait at 2023

The terrible news has just fell. No, you can’t play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy during Christmas holidays. Some will sayI told youOIt was something that could come _, others will be surprised when communication around the game seemed to keep the pace for some time. Anyway, the launch date had not yet been announced while the largest games of the year such as God of War Ragnarok and scarlet and purple Pokémon that already announced it a few weeks ago.

The doubt, therefore, began to be around and Harry Potter fans to worry. As every week, we had the right to a publication about the game but, unfortunately, this time it was not a new game video or an image of the castle that illuminated our NFP, but quite the opposite.

As explained in the Tweet, the ** Development team needs more time to offer the best possible game experience. Potter? It makes no sense to accelerate development, Hogwarts Legacy will probably be one of the best games of all time and avalanche software must probably be under monstrous pressure to launch something that meets fans’ expectations.

Some Potterheads may feel disappointed when we know that lately all HL’s official publications have been showing us a 2022 end, but we will have to be patient before we can walk through the Hogwarts halls. For more details, you will find below a video message from the game administrator: Chandler Wood.

Official launch date for Hogwarts Legacy

On February 10, 2023, Hogwarts Legacy will finally be launched on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. In the Tweet, it is stated that the release date of Nintendo Switch will be communicated later. Although 2023 is not what fans expected, at least we can be happy to finally have a real date for the title; Now we just have to wait and, meanwhile, we can always settle for the few new images and videos that will be published in February.

Multiversus: A highly anticipated character seems to finally will not be able to go through the fighting game

Multiversus is one of the ** star games this summer. superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman.

Still in open beta, The game is already beating all records , and is one of the most viewed productions on Twitch. But while a week ago the arrival of Morty to Multiversus was delayed, it was that of another highly anticipated character that has simply been canceled.

cannot pass…

It all started some time ago, when experienced data miners made a great discovery among the game files: Gandalf would be in the game! In the characters design documents, screenshots of the gray magician had been found (Then white), what most or less prove your arrival to success.

Reminder: Warner teams had not formalized anything, much less an arrival date for the character.

However, a few weeks after the launch of the open beta, the ** players still do not have news from Gandalf. Rings had disappeared…

Therefore, the Magician has mysteriously disappeared and theories about his disappearance abound. A Reddit user with the name of @hgeeakeractually, who leaked the very existence of the game several months ago, blamed Tolkien Estate.

Is the fault of Tolkien Estate?

In everything that concerns intellectual property and the use of the contents related to Tolkien’s works (such as the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit in which we find our beloved Gandalf), it is Tolkien Estate who decides. They can thus grant exploitation rights to a company… or not.

According to a filtrator, in reality, it would be Tolkien Estate who would have determined that Gandalf did not appear in the Warner game. However, the magician has appeared many times in several video game productions, and **

In any case, the character has never really been formalized by Warner’s teams, and it is possible that Gandalf has never been part of the Multiversus fighters. On the contrary, it is also possible for Tolkien to be canceled the rights contract, or that the game developers simply transferred the data from the characters to another place, to maintain surprise , who knows?

You will see squirrels with guns after taking substances or in this game to the GTA, made in Unreal Engine 5

The video game industry is diverse, and the productions of video games that are found can be true masterpieces or totally chaotic experiences. Today we are going to talk to you about a game that belongs to this second category, a hidden jewel that is also fun.

Squirrel with a gun

This is the name of the game that, as its name indicates, allows players to embody a squirrel… Equipped with a gun! The choice of weapons is very diverse and the small mammal can shoot with a 9 mm, a UZI or even a machine gun.

The objective of the game is quite simple, but it is what makes video game production original. According to the Steam Squirrel with page, the goal is to commit as many crimes and crimes as possible , without being caught by agents.

Like a real squirrel, the protagonist of the game can use his natural talents to climb the trees and Explore the residential area from a new angle. It is also possible to interact with the residents of the area, with the aim of helping them… or stealing them. Remember, the goal is to complete as many crimes as possible!

What makes the game so interesting is the fact that is incredibly realistic . It is almost like seeing a real squirrel, and physics (the fact that it flees with the weapon due to the setback) is perfect.

Careful development


Although both production and its plot seem totally chaotic, its development has been more than thorough. In fact, it became under Unreal Engine 5 , which allowed the squirrel to be given its fur and its realistic movements. It was last May that the first images of the project were announced, presenting the famous small mammal in a neutral zone, and giving the players an idea of production.

The developer de Squirrel with a gun Daniel deentremont even closely studied the animal’s movements to be able to recreate them perfectly in the game. In a tweet, he wrote:Mammals such as squirrels, rats and ferrets benefit from a small flexion of the column when turning _. Like De Dentemont he had taken his work very seriously.

Thanks to the hard work of his developer, el title will see soon The light in a more or less complete version (at least with a developed environment), and players can vent against agents and other neighbors.

Like A Dragon brings a Gameplay RPG Party to the series

Launched on November 10 on several platforms, the 7th component of the popular Japanese franchise marks a new direction for the series, leaving its more traditional roots of action brawler for an approach to RPG de fête au turn.


Yakuza: Like A Dragon, who has already been launched in Japan, presents a new protagonist in Ichiban Kasuga-a charismatic game fan of the old school that begins the game thoroughly. The players will follow Ichiban as he gets up, making friends and enemies in a spectacular way.

Designed as entertainment intended for a mature audience, the Like A Dragon classes system offers 19 unique jobs, such as musician or chef, who are all accompanied by several outfits and play differently. The game includes a multitude of mini-games, from recycling to karting, as well as an in-depth business management sub-section in which Ichiban takes up a confectionery company in bankruptcy and makes it a prosperous company by recruiting managers and fighting against shareholders!

Like A Dragon seems to be the biggest Western launch of the Yakuza series to date, coming out on all the consoles of the current generation on the same date as the Xbox Series X | S launch. Microsoft’s new generation consoles will offer an intelligent upgrade for players who have the game on Xbox One, while PS5 owners will have to wait until March 2, 2021 to buy the autonomous game or receive a free download S ‘ They had already bought a digital copy for PS4. SEGA spares no expenditure to reach the widest possible public, with a distribution of voice comprising the game also includes dubbing of dynamic actors, including the legend of Star Trek, George Takei.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon seems to be a breath of fresh air for long-standing fans of the series, as well as an excellent entry point for newcomers. With a lot of free launch content promised, there has never been a better time to dive into the eccentric world of Yakuza.

Find out what we thought about the last game:

If you are a longtime fan, what do you think of the new management? If you’ve never played Yakuza, are you going to try Like A Dragon? Let us know in the comments below!

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