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Start time of Nintendo Direct in June 2022 – this is just how you look at the showcase

The The beginning time of Nintendo Direct June 2022 is set on June 28, 2022 at 6:00 a.m. PT, 9:00 a.m. ET, 2:00 p.m. BST, 3:00 p.m. CEST and runs for 25 minutes . As already pointed out, the program will concentrate solely on games from third-party companies, so do not anticipate Splatoon before the publication day of Splatoon 3 or Zeldas next adventure before the launch day of The Legends of Zelda Breath of bush 2.


However a video game that we can anticipate from is Mario + Rabbids Triggers of Hope, which is arranged to appear in 2022 and has actually not been offered since last summertime. Reports suggested that the game will offer this month and this appears to be the very best area, considering that it is technically a game of a third-party service provider that is established by Ubisoft. Hopefully we will receive a gameplay creation as well as a magazine day from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

The video will be available on YouTube as well as will certainly not be a livestream, just a video that Nintendo will release as soon as the beginning time has been reached.

While you are waiting on straight transmission, take a look at a few of the very best Nintendo Switch over video games as well as our introduction of the employment of Fire Emblem Warriors 3 Hopes after the video game was released on June 24th.

Other video games that will probably show up are sludge ranchers on Change, that was recently examined as well as a face-lift at No Male’s Skies on the system.

After a few suggestions online as well as thumbs of fans, Nintendo has actually lastly confirmed that a Nintendo Direct will certainly happen on June 28, 2022. However it is actually a smaller sized mini route that concentrates on games from third-party suppliers.

A new #nintendodirectmini: Companion Showcase gets on the method! See available on our YouTube network from Tuesday, June 28th at 6:00 a.m. PT to get details concerning upcoming third-party providers for about 25 minutes.

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Overwatch 2 service loadmap

Blizzard broadcasted on the 17th (17th) at 2:00 am on Overwatch YouTube and Twitch Channel, introducing the live service model of ‘Overwatch 2’, content plan for each season, and new heroes.

In this broadcast, a number of developers, including Aon Keller Game Director, participated, and shared various information such as the background that ‘Overwatch 2’ was decided as a free play live service, the update plan for each season, and the newly introduced myth grade skin.

More information about the new hero Jungker Queen was also introduced. Jungker Quinn, a new hero of an assault role group, has a passive that restores his strength as he attacks his opponent along with a technique of buffing allies. It is a tanker hero.

In response to this announcement, there was also a media-question and answer time to listen to the more detailed explanation of ‘Overwatch 2’ from Aon Keller Game Director and John Specter Commercial Leader. ‘Overwatch 2’, which announced the conversion of free play live services, plans to update the season-based update for nine weeks after the launch of the early access on October 5.

Meanwhile, ‘Overwatch 2’ plans to conduct a new beta test from June 29, and the test participants will be able to check new contents such as new hero Jungker Queen and Rio Battlefield Map before launching.

Overwatch 2 Live Service Roadmap

■ October 5, early access release

First of all, ‘Overwatch 2’ will be released on October 5 (domestic time) as it was released last week. It will be serviced in the form of free to play (F2P) that plays games without a separate package purchase, and BM will also add some additions and changes. Blizzard plans to release the Overwatch 2 revenue model later.

At the time of its launch on October 5, a number of skin including new heroes and contents released in the beta test, including three new heroes, six battlefields, new PVP mode push, weapons, and new skins to decorate weapons. This is added. As a new hero, one support hero will be added in addition to ‘Sojeon’ released during the beta test and the newly released ‘Jungker Queen’, and information about the hero has not been disclosed yet.

■ Seasonal update every 9 weeks

Since the launch of the early access, Overwatch 2 plans to update the season-based update to add new heroes, battlefields, and modes every nine weeks. In December, after 9 weeks of release, a new assault hero will be updated, and the ‘myth’ grade skins will be added continuously in ‘Overwatch 2’.

In general, new heroes will be updated once every two seasons (about 18 weeks), and the plan is to add three to four new heroes a year. In addition, the company plans to continue to update various contents and entertainment, such as embellishy items.

Xinhua Skin is a class of one level higher than the existing legendary skin, and is designed to allow some customization to change the special effects that occur when the hero uses technology. The main character of the mythical skin, which will be released for the first time after its launch, is Genji, and a mythical skin that utilizes the cyberpunk style will be produced.

■ PVP reorganization, new mode and visual upgrade

Compared to the existing Overwatch, the biggest difference is that it changed from 6VS6 to 5VS5. Atticeller explains that the heroes of the assault role group have been reduced to one person, and some differences between character design and balancing methods, and that existing assault heroes have been reorganized to adapt to the new environment by looking closely.

In ‘Overwatch 2’, it has been reorganized to give a new feeling when playing directly while maintaining the identity, appearance, and personality of the heroes of the existing game, and can check the balance or adjustment based on the collection feedback. There will be. In addition, as it turns into a free live service, it will listen to the feedback of users and provide a quick update.

In addition to balancing, reorganization is made in graphics. Each battlefield has become more detailed so that the atmosphere of the actual tourist attraction can be highlighted, and it is concerned to see different appearances at day and night by battlefield. The sound also plans to recording in the actual place to provide a more improved sense of reality. In addition, as the battle number has been changed to 5VS5, the location of cover was changed in line with the new situation, and the company plans to continue to improve based on feedback from beta by the time of launch.

■ Competition before 2.0

Systems related to competition are also improved. The biggest change is the lack of tools and statistics that can confirm the improvement of each player, and in Overwatch 2, more information can be checked during the game based on the reorganized score board. After the game ends, you can receive the results report, and you can slowly check the data in the report when you want to wait for the queue or replay the previous game.

In addition, ‘Overwatch 2’ plans to provide the ability to score skills as a field by field, not numbers, so that the player can feel that the player is actually growing.

■ PVE mode is scheduled to be released in 2023

Overwatch 2’s PVE mode, which was released through BlizzCon, is being developed with the goal of launching in 2023. The PVE mode is preparing to look more closely at the worldview and heroes of Overwatch’s worldview, and plans to show the storytelling method that was impossible in existing PVP mode.

As it turns into a free live service, the PVE mode of ‘Overwatch 2’ will also provide a worldview and story through continuous updates, and the story of the ‘Overwatch’ worldview, which has been released little by little through various media such as cinematic and short novels. It is being developed with the goal of richer mode.

New assault hero, Jungker Queen

■ The Queen of the Trash Village finally appeared

The second new hero of ‘Overwatch 2’, where new cinematics are released, can be played directly through beta from June 29.

Jungker Quinn has been mentioned in the setting of ‘Queen’ that drove Jungcrat and Roadhog out of the trash village, and unlike the new heroes who are designed from the sketch stage without the background story, they are born in the background of garbage village. It is a hero. As she can see in the video, she is an attractive hero, and this figure is faithfully reflected in the game design with the role of assault.

■ Agented Assault Heroes with Hill Van and allied buffs

The characteristic of ‘Jungker Queen’ is that it is designed to showcase the most aggressive tendency in the assault role group that mainly plays the role of tankers in the team. She is mainly assaulted with enemy camps and uses a large ax and a top blade dagger, and you can restore her stamina as she puts ‘injuries’ on the attacked enemy.

The top blade dagger is used to throw it to the other person, and when the enemy is right, it is a technology that can draw a certain distance toward the junger queen by using the technology once again. In addition, Jungker Queen has a buff technology that shouts on the battlefield to inspire the surrounding allies and increases speed and defense for a period of time.

Her Jungker Queen’s ultimate is a technology that uses her magnetic force around her to create a vortex of metal, rushes quickly in her own direction, and attacks the other person. Enemies hit by her ultimate healing can not be recovered for a certain amount of time.

Developer Q & A

** Q. I’m curious about the reason for the decision of the F2P structure this time. Also, what is the business model when switching to F2P? I’m curious if I’m considering selling character DLC similar to Diablo 3.

The biggest advantage I anticipate while switching to F2P is that the player has eliminated the entry barrier. ‘Overwatch’ is a game where the team has to work together to exercise strategy and teamwork, so it is possible to join with more people under free play.

In addition, if it is released as a package, all the contents must be developed and introduced at once, but the F2P structure is possible to update more and continuous content. There is also a side of the F2P structure to provide more regular service so that the content can be introduced every time the content is ready.

Q. Various reorganization is underway in terms of PVP. How was the feedback that I checked through the recent beta test? Also, I wonder what the revision and improvement work is being made based on that feedback.

= I received a lot of feedback, and I got a lot of courage. I was able to confirm positive feedback on the 5VS5 system, and I mainly evaluated the fact that the freedom of the new system and each game can confirm their influence.

There were a lot of feedback on what to be supplemented, and there were many stories about the heroes of support for support. Overall, the hero died so well and play was tight. It is actually looking at it, and it has reflected several modifications several times during the last beta. Some modifications will be made in the beta, which will be held on June 29, which will continue to balance until the launch.

In addition, there is a fact that I felt interesting in the beta. Even though the reason for the beta was to confirm the overall stability and balance of the game, many players talked about more content and changes.

How to make friends with a cat in Roblox Break in Story

Break in Story from Roblox is a unique interactive game in which you unite with other online players to survive in a chaotic chaos caused by terrible Larry and its head cutters. Nevertheless, this story has several endings and secrets that need to be discovered during the game, which makes it pleasant every time. Have you ever noticed a fluffy orange cat that wanders around? Well, you can make friends with him for additional love and healing. That’s how!

Talk to Uncle Pit

The first step to friendship with the cat Chat C Uncle Pete . Uncle Pete can be found wandering along the street near the house. Click on It will reveal notification on your screen List of objects He wants. Uncle Pete will give you a mouse for filling out this list, which is an important part of the cat’s taming. Each game is a random list , so you may not hunt for the same objects every time. Apples are a good thing to see on the list, because they are probably easier to find in the house.

collect items

To get the items that Uncle Pete wants, you will have to look a little and bake. Uncle Pete will always want two unusual things and pie.

Check the Pie Recipe

It is probably better to check how to make this pie before looking for objects. Go to kitchen in the house and look at the door of the refrigerator . Here you will find paper you can click to view recipes from all potential pies that Pete could ask about. Then you will know exactly what you need.

Learn the house

As soon as you understand what you need, you can Search around House for some items. objects Usually hidden in boxes in various rooms. Look for cabinets with several boxes, as in the image above. You will find apples , cookies , bloxy cola and sometimes cash . It is extremely important that you grab everything you see, especially money! You can also find items in the basement as soon as it is open, and get additional money by defeating some terrible minions.

Buy a pie for a pie

When you reach that part of the story that notifies you to go to Bloxy March when you want buy a cake form . It costs 40 dollars , which is why it is so important to collect as much money as possible before this time. You can buy only one frying pan for the game for the game, so make sure that you will quickly get to it or tell your comrades in the game that you need it. If another player boughts a pie for a pie, you can use your means to purchase any other items that you may need for POW.

bake the pie

After you buy form for the pie, it will automatically appear on kitchen table , ready to use. Return to the kitchen and place in three items corresponding the correct recipe in the cake shape. L View your inventory slots in the lower part of the screen, click in The quantity listed on your keyboard and click B Form for the pie using the mouse.

Then click on pan and stove to start baking it. See meter Start up as you bash. As soon as it reaches green color , click on stove pull it out before it burns. Pie will appear on table where you and your gaglings-players can collect one.

Gather a rat from Uncle Pete

give objects to Uncle Pete


After you are baking the pie, you should have everything you need for your uncle. Be especially careful to give to him objects in the exact order they are listed. The distribution of them will not in order to upset Uncle Pete and take part of the energy from you. To provide it with objects, Select the element by press Correspondence quantity on the keyboard and click on Pete . If you do it right, he will give you home mouse .

Give a cat mouse

Now you can make friends with the cat, give this mouse . At this moment of the game, the cat is usually in the basement. Select in mouse and also click oncat * with the mouse in your hands. This will automatically remove the mouse, and the cat will begin to follow you, and not run away.

put a cat for healing

The cat is an excellent ally to complete some endings of the story, because it can treat without any accusations. Click onHomemade pet will release hearts around the cat and recover some of yours Energy *. You can do this every few seconds, but make sure that you support the cat alive!

Feel free to comment below if these steps have worked for you or any other tricks that you came up with in Roblox Break in Story! Do not forget to get acquainted with our promotions and ROBLOX codes to get free items!

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The futuristic agriculture game Lightyear Frontier will certainly be launched in the spring of 2023

Revealed in 2015, the Swedish game upset a head at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase to confirm its spring release on Microsoft consoles, however also on Steam. Great news: Lightyear Frontier will certainly be availableThe first dayon the Video game Pass.

Our development will be of a narrative dimension, since several archaeological and also relic websites can be dug deep into in the surroundings, therefore allowing us to raise the trick on the earth as well as its past. It will even be possible to have a look at particular neighboring worlds, to revive certain resources and unusual information


In this Swedishfarminggame, which combines sources and also simulation of mecha, the bias is to offer a relaxing and also creative experience, and also thus take the reverse of making use of warrior routine of gigantic robots in the computer game. Usable solo as in coop up to four online, Lightyear Frontier puts us in front of a gigantic open-world, an alien world, with the largest latitudes to expand all kinds of neighborhood haciendas, construct our Base, boost the different elements of our mech, while trying to tame wild life on site, and the numerous weather components (a cycle of four periods is intended) which will disturb our routine.

Currently set up for spring 2023, Lightyear Frontier will certainly be released on Xbox One, X/S Collection and also PC, as well as will certainly be playable by means of Game Pass.

Bethesda video clip

Lightyear Frontier-Trailer de Gameplay-Xbox Showcase 2022

[Interview] Dot + Videm Up + Strategy Meets Final Night

Most of them will rely on their eyes when looking for a game without any information. You have to catch your eyes. Therefore, it usually shows graphics and directing enough to open a plausible artwork to the front or to open the mouth through a trailer. This is not much different in the indie game. Although it is not enough compared to AAA-class games, we are doing our best to show elements that are different from other games.

Doosoft’s ‘Final Night’ is a noticeable game. Like the ‘cuphead’, it does not mean something of all time. At first, ‘What is it? What is the graphic that looks like this paint? ‘ I thought this way. It might have just passed so much, but I was eye-catching for some reason, and I learned more about the game. In addition, the question of ‘Final Night’ also grew. From crude and refined graphics to combat systems. I could see that it was not just a game made.

I was able to contact Kang Nam-gyu, the representative of Doosi Soft, who is developing ‘Final Night’. Why did he develop the game, who had never majored in game development, and had never developed a game. He heard his story that he wanted to make a game of memories.

Q. First of all, please introduce a brief introduction to you.

This is Kang Nam-gyu, the representative of Dooshsoft. In fact, he is a bit embarrassing to be a representative. As a one-person developer, I’m making everything al1. Currently, we are developing ‘Final Night’, a non-strategy game.

Q. Most of the unique mission or team name makes sense. What does Dushy Soft mean?

I’m a little embarrassed (laughs). It doesn’t mean much. Dusoft was made to develop the game after work after work, and beyond bedtime. In many cases, it was developed for 3-4 am. That’s why her wife is worried. At least at 2 am, I grew up, but it came to me, so I translated 2’O Clock Soft, Korean translated into two o’clock software.

Q. It’s not a full-time developer to develop after work.

Yes, I have no experience in the game industry. I’m working on public development, but recently I rarely do outside activities because of Corona 19, so I had a lot of time left after work. So I couldn’t spend the time more beneficial, so I developed the game. But I challenged it, but it wasn’t easy. I didn’t major in game development, and I started with 0 at first, so I had a hard time.

The start itself was around 2017, but I didn’t have any experience, so I finally spilled the project. So, in fact, Final Night is my first game. I have been developed for about two years, and I am developing it all myself. The only outsourcing is the sound I can’t do.

Q. Is there a reason why you developed the game even though you suffered so early?

I really liked the game since I was young. Even now. From Balders Gate to Skyrim, Wow, Dark Soul and Monheon. I think I’ve played all the games. But one day I thought that way. What should I say? Feeling uncomfortable? It’s true that games are the core of such consumption. Some know the historical facts through the game, but the key is entertainment. But I didn’t think it was nothing else. Which game would be fun, it would have been nice to do this. Is it left? Probably, other gamers will be similar. So I developed the game because I couldn’t just leave that experience.

But it was really hard. I don’t know why it takes three to four years until I first developed the game? I did it, but I learned that it was natural.

Q. I often start with an easy genre, but I wonder why I chose the belt scroll genre among many genres.

It was simple. I’ve loved belt scroll action games before. In addition to ‘Dungeon & Dragon 2’, as well as ‘Final Fight’, it seems to have been a good thing to say that it is a belt scroll game of memories. I also enjoyed Dungeon & Fighter. It can be said that it affected. This is not only influenced by the belt scroll game. By combining WoW’s party play system, we set up a party and implement a system that targets the boss by changing the formation by itself, adding strategic elements to the action of the belt scroll to save the element of ‘Final Night’.

** Q. It’s called ‘Dungeon & Dragon 2’, so I think of the coop play.

Online is not supported, but local two-person play is possible. There are a total of four characters, with 1P 1 and 2 characters, and 2P operate characters 3 and 4. Actually, I put it in my wife, but I was satisfied. It’s fun to have a lot of games. And most of the game room games of the previous memories also supported 2P as standards, and as they supported up to 4P, they put them in order to save such emotions.

Q. Something is eye-catching graphics. It’s clunky, rough and refined. I can make it cleaner, but I think it was intentionally clunky.

To some extent, the intention is right. These days, there are so many dots that are so good that their eyes turn around. So I thought it was more important to use the unique personality of ‘Final Night’ rather than clumsy. Of course, it was easy to talk, but at first it wasn’t easy. I’ve been doing a lot of years, but I’ve been taking dots and practicing, so I think it’s my own style and I have a lot of picture skills compared to the beginning.

I thought I would use asset, but it wasn’t easy. I had to modify the ‘Final Night’, and the character was SD, but the boss monster didn’t do it, so even though I bought an asset, I thought it was better to make it myself from the beginning.

Q. I don’t think it’s a simple action game, but please explain more about the game system.

Basically, you can explain the lobby and the main stage. The lobby is literally a space to prepare before the battle. You can organize your own party here, with nine classes in the game, and you can freely choose four classes.

You can also prepare a variety of auxiliary items, such as potions, bombs, flashes, and throwing hammocks for stunting to the boss. As each boss has a slightly different strategy method, preparing appropriate items is the key to attack.

The main stage consists of four, and it is a form of targeting the boss. The bosses are larger than ordinary monsters, with different damage to each part. Usually, after the head is a weak point, it is required to throw the throwing hammer described above to accumulate stunches, hit the legs, and to accumulate instructions and attack the weakness. At this time, it is the formation of seeing the light. Since you can’t manipulate all four classes by yourself, you can manipulate the formation with the elements you put in, so that the boss can respond to various situations where the boss avoids and gathers again.

Through these methods, we have saved strategic elements with the excitingness of the belt-scrolled videm-up genre. On the other hand, there is also a logite element, but when you die, all the items you have collected so far will disappear, but only one soulstone remains. In this soulstone, you can buy a name for your name for your name and change your class, and you want to relieve the boredom of repetition play by allowing you to buy better equipment from the beginning.

Q. At first, I thought it was a mobile negative game. I often develop on mobile, but have you had a special reason for developing on a PC?

The reason I enjoyed the reason why I developed as a belt scroll genre is that I did so, but the same is true for the development of a PC. I rarely play mobile games. Let’s make a game that I really want to make. I decided to develop it on my PC.

** Q. If you have a party, it’s possible to organize a party only in the extreme case if you are composed of tang, muscle, one-deal/lawyer, and healer.

Available. And it’s not just a party, but a combination of item so that you can nurture a specific class in the desired direction. Even though it is composed only by the truth, the role of the healer can be played to some extent. For example, Monheon is strictly determined that even though there is no healer, it is possible to set up a healer by setting up a wide range of lovers, mushroom lovers, fasting, and satisfaction skills.


It is not that much in ‘Final Night’, but by installing an item that strengthens the party members or an item that reduces the resurrection time, you can use it as a party member to fight as much as possible. Currently, ‘Final Night’ has a weapon with a total of 36 equipment, and the stats are randomly attached. I think there will be a variety of combinations. In addition, there are about 20 items such as potions and bombs, and there are also magic rings that summon Genie.

** Q. Class

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Vengeance: Video game appears in the Xbox Game Come On June

Author Dotemu and also Developer Tribute Games in cooperation with Nickelodeon for June 16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance in a brand-new battle against Foot Clan for Computer, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One and the Xbox Game Pass.

A new trailer was permanently offered on the stage of the Summer Game and also provided the extremely awaited perky allies of the Turtles Casey Jones as a usable character that will cleanse the roads of New York City with each other with them.

As of today, fans can obtain a 10 % discount rate if you pre-order the video game in the Nintendo Eshop and also in the Microsoft Shop before the release on June 16. This price cut will also be offered in the PlayStation Store as well as Heavy steam in the coming days.

Casey’s well balanced mixture of range, toughness and also speed makes it an awesome overall risk when he turns classy and also strongly through the flanks of the foot clan soldiers with its characteristic hockey noises. Casey Jones is a activable personality.

In the new video, Casey grabs with the Foot Clan:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Retribution integrates the job of 2 retro specialists. On the one hand, Dotemu, advancement studio as well as publisher understood for devoted ports, as well as excellent remakes and follows up of preferred collection, consisting of Streets of Craze 4, the quick-witted hit, which was chosen for the Game Honors 2020 as a best activity game, as well as the rapid windjammer 2 and also the much applauded Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

On the various other hand, tribute Games, the workshop behind initial IPs with retro sensation, such as Panzer Paladin, Flinthook and Hireling Kings, which incorporate the spiritual video games with a new game sensation. The rankings of Tribute Gaming also consist of key abilities that were entailed in video games such as the much assured Scott Explorer vs. the Globe: The Game, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which was released in 2007, for the Gameboy Advance.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance ranges the dimension of the opposing groups depending upon the number of players that strike each various other in and also on the pan. The 6-player multiplayer setting comes to be an absolutely intensive face-off versus Shredder’s awful henchmen.


Collecting pals on a couch is not the only method to play together-an online multiplayer for 2-6 players was verified, with the heroes going into the video game at any kind of time and also leaving it.

The typical childhood years desire for Dotemu and also Homage Gamings, where TMNT finally emerged: Shredder’s Vengeance, has actually been in the bulge for almost 30 years-and in a few days we invite the followers to do the TMNT-Beat-up room in to revive a completely new video game, describes Cyrille Imbert, CEO of Dotemu. Every one of this really feels truly unique.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance combines components of the timeless animation, the video games and also the plaything for a best celebration of the cherished heroes, states homage Gamings co-founder Jean-Francoa Major. This game is both a homage to an extraordinary TMNT age along with the spectacular community, which has constantly kept this phase of the series alive with its love for the timeless TMNT.

The statement additionally contains the initial appearance at teen mutant ninja turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance’s 6-player multiplayer mode .

Spider-Mans voice will return to Marvel’s Midnight Suns


Today during the Summer Game Fest He was a little more D _e Marvel’s Midnight Suns, game that will bring together the most iconic heroes of the brand to face great conflicts. And next to this advance the arrival of Spider-Man, but that was not the only thing that caught the attention of the fans, but did their voice specifically.

Indeed, the actor what his voice gave him in Marvel ‘s spider-man of Playstation, yuri lowentahl, will return to make dumbbell together with the other heroes of the giant comic universe. It will be a great way to wait, since the following adventure by Insomniac Games continues in development, specifically for some point of 2023 .

The developer Firexis confirmed that lowenthal is really returning, but wanted to make something very clear. The spider-man of _Marvel’s Midnight Suns is not the same as the games of insomniac. Firexis simply thought that Lowenthal did a great job expressing the character within the adaptations, so they simply decided to sign it quickly.

In related news. During the presentation of the game at the Summer Game Fest Interesting elements were revealed that will be company to the video game, including its official release date. If you want to know everything relevant to the game, we invite you to click on the following link.

[Daikiri] The unveiled new game is suddenly canceled! What happened? ] Examination results announcement!

Weekend Limited Easy Planning GAMESPARK Ogiri, the 616th examination results announcement. The theme this time is The new game will be unveiled suddenly! What happened? It was *, but thank you for many answers. As a result of the evaluation of everyone’s evaluation and the person in charge of the person in charge, and the person in charge, the answer received from everyone was selected as the best answer.

__ Friend of Spa

95 % of the content of the response from the invited person
It was I’ll go if I can go

If you can go is the same as I will not go

__ Friend of Spa

I didn’t make a game


__ Friend of Spa

When I thought it was an official trailer, it was a fan-made movie

Because it’s a great performance

__ Friend of Spa

I realized that I had played the exact same game from my company many years ago

If you think you will come up one after another…

__ Friend of Spa

It was too interesting to want to monopolize

It looks like a curse item that attracts the person in hand

__ Friend of Spa

Nobody was preparing for the show because I thought someone would do it

You already know! ! !
No one is preparing! ! !

__ Friend of Spa

Payment event participants 0

Joyman! (Joyman succeeded in revenge)

__ Friend of Spa

I thought it was a new work, but it has already been released last year

What happens to the management system

__ Friend of Spa

There is no game console to be used for unveiling!
I lost the lottery!

Where is it really

__ Friend of Spa

I suddenly became embarrassed when I thought calmly

It was sloppy when I was making it

__ Friend of Spa

The previous presentation game was so messy that it didn’t matter.

So did you suddenly become ashamed?

__ Friend of Spa

Coffee on the master disk!

The management is too poor

__ Friend of Spa

The naughty desktop screen is inevitably reflected

Are you showing it on purpose?

__ Friend of Spa

I made it, but I forgot it at home.

Homework for elementary school students!

__ Friend of Spa

The disk was too big to enter the venue

What kind of disk uses Tonnen

__ Friend of Spa

I was making a game of another company by mistake

On the contrary, I made it well

__ Friend of Spa

Baseball has entered the extra time

Are you sorry?

__ Friend of Spa

Characters and videos that could not be made in the video were reflected.

So scary!

__ Friend of Spa


Erika Sawajiri in the Hard

__ Friend of Spa

A type that suddenly gets tired of coming to Rasdan

When you see the end, you may suddenly become motivated

  • See all answers.

UK charts: Sniper Elite 5 dives to the top

In the sales week from May 23 to 2822, the area at the leading safeguarded the freshly released “Sniper Elite 5″ shooter from Disobedience. Also due to the truth that the title discovered the way into the Xbox Game Pass on time for the launch, “Sniper Elite 5” started even worse than its precursor from 2017. Right here the retail sales numbers decreased by 64 percent.

In maintaining with the beginning of the new week, we reached the existing software application charts from Great Britain today, which were billed by GfK Chart-Track and published by As previously, only the retail sales are thought about, while the electronic sales figures are butted in separate charts.

Xbox Game Pass minimizes the retail sales on the Xbox

Guerrilla Games’ activity role-playing video game “Horizon: Forbidden West”, which came in second area on the British retail graphes recently. Adhered to by “Nintendo Switch Sports”, the “Lego Celebrity Wars: The Skywalker Legend” as well as the racing video game “Grandmother Turismo 7”, which remains to market many of his devices on PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, the release in the Xbox Game Pass and also the boosting circulation of totally electronic Xbox Series s led to the truth that the Xbox versions just contributed eight percent of the retail devices offered by “Sniper Elite 5”. The rest were versed for the versions for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

Here are the top 10 of the previous week in the review.

UK Retail graphes: The leading 10 of the week from May 23 to 28, 2022

1. Sniper Elite 5
2. Horizon Forbidden West
3. Nintendo Change Sports
4. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Legend

5. Grandmother Turismo 7
6. FIFA 22
7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
8th. Pokemon Legends Arceus
9. Minecraft: Nintendo Change Version
10. Pet Crossing: New Horizons

Further records on UK charts.


Xbox Game Pass: These games will appear in the membership in June

In the brand-new week as well as in June, all Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look ahead to new video games again.

Officially, Microsoft did not reveal the ready the very first half of the month for the Xbox Game Come On June, however a handful of games are still recognized.

Xbox Game Pass-June 2022

  • 01.06.2022-For Honor: Marching Fire Version

Xbox Game Pass Reveals Final MAY Games & JUNE Games Are COMING
* 07.06.2022-Assassin’s Creed Origins
* 21.06.2022-Shadow Run Trilogy
*??. 06.2022-Escape Academy
Additional video games for the Xbox Game Pass in June will certainly be introduced soon.

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