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Microsoft: Video gaming is for everyone and also Phil Spencer states almost everywhere

The brief version is: Video gaming is for everyone and everywhere.

With the model of the Game Pass as well as the cloud video gaming via streaming on all gadgets, the choice will be broadened. As well as certainly, you prepare to bring loan from Activision Blizzard like Telephone Call of Task, Diablo or Overwatch. This need to additionally increase the size of the corresponding communities as well as make the solutions extra eye-catching.

It is understood that gaming consoles are not the only way to play. The marketplace for mobile pc gaming is growing fastest. As well as below you intend to give the gamers the choice in addition to the programmers. This must enable the opportunities for innovations as well as growth.

We love gaming consoles, however we additionally recognize that they are not the only way to play games. The largest as well as fastest growing section of the video games are today the mobile platforms. If you provide the players the choice of just how they desire to play their games, play comes to be more obtainable as well as leads to bigger, extra dynamic gamer areas.

In a short article, Xbox boss Phil Spencer today demonstrated the view of points relating to the takeover of Activision Snowstorm by the Microsoft Team.

We increase the choice in 2 ways: by producing Game Pass, which uses the gamers a membership option, and by bringing even more games on mobile systems, consisting of via our cloud game streaming technology. Subscribe solutions like Game Pass make video games much more budget friendly as well as aid players from all over the globe to find their next favored game.

Microsoft needs new abilities as well as, over all, experience to implement his objectives. And also the latter teams from Activision Blizzard use their ready mobile platforms. It is additionally wished that gamers play standard Konsole video games from Activision Blizzard on various other systems with cloud game streaming.

Microsoft wants to make games available to billions of individuals, the post states. And the takeover represents a crucial milestone there.

On the removal of franchise business like Call of Obligation from various other systems, Spencer said in the article:


As we have currently stated, we have committed ourselves to make the very same version of Phone call of Duty offered on Playstation on the very same day when the game comes on the market in other places. We know that the gamers benefit from this approach since we did it with Minecraft, which is still available on numerous platforms as well as has actually been expanded to Mojang to Microsoft to even more platforms in 2014. If we expand our game store to new devices and platforms, we will certainly make certain that we do this in a method that protects the opportunity of the programmer to choose how to offer their video games.

We broaden the choice in 2 methods: by producing Game Pass, which offers the players a membership option, as well as by bringing even more games on mobile systems, consisting of via our cloud game streaming modern technology. Subscribe services like Game Pass make games more cost effective and also assist gamers from all over the globe to discover their following favorite game. Game Pass provides designers the opportunity to supply even more video games for more players, not for less. We mean to make the preferred game collection of Activision Blizzard-including Overwatch, Diablo as well as Call of Duty-available in the Game Pass and also to expand these game neighborhoods. It is additionally really hoped that gamers play typical Konsole video games from Activision Blizzard on other systems through cloud game streaming.

LOL: Riots favorite mechanics that ends with an injustice and we will see in more champions

League of Legends is a constantly evolving video game and does not stop improving over the years. There are times that Riot Games does not atina with the changes and generates controversy in the community. However, we must give the developer the reason in some adjustments that save us many bad drinks during the games. One of the most significant is related to the critic. The company is increasingly aggressive trying to increase the reliability of this statistic to prevent it from being so unfair. Something that has led them to introduce many new mechanics in recent times.


Luck disappears from League of Legends games

The big critical impact problem is that makes luck a decisive factor for fights . In the case of basic attacks, this situation is not particularly serious. During exchanges, the characters give so many blows that the final damage barely varies because of this statistic. However, even with these circumstances Riot Games has made great changes to items such as the infinite edge or the guynsoo fury leaf to reduce the importance of critics or, rather, increase their consistency. In this way, there is almost no difference between a lucky fight and another in which chance plays against us.

These first Riot Games changes, which reduced the additional damage achieved with the infinite edge and established more and more requirements to have it, are just a demonstration. The real problem and where developers have begun to impose a very interesting solution is on skills. In League of Legends there were many spells that can increase their damage thanks to the critic giving rise to very unfair plays. An area in which the company has made many efforts over the last months by introducing a mechanic that has become one of the most used in the entire video game.

The mechanics in question consists in adding a scaling of damage to the skills that take into account the percentage of critic. A good example is what happened in patch 12.16. The most recent update that has reached League of Legends has made, for every 4% critic, the definitive Caitlyn inflicts 1% more damage. In this way, Riot Games adds a very satisfactory scaling that does not depend at all on luck . Instead of making 25% of the time the spell, double damage, it always removes 25% more health.

The reason we dare to say that this mechanics will become more and more common is simple. In League of Legends there are a total of 15 champions whose skills improve based on the probability of critical impact . From this extensive list, a total of eight characters received the function over the last two years: Akshan, Gangplank, Lucian, Nilah, Rengar, Sivir, Tristana and Viego. Thanks to this process, Riot Games has considerably reduced the importance of fate when determining spell damage.

In fact there are only three skills that do not work as basic attacks and can make critic . The spells in question are the Q (Fulgurant blows) of Master Yi, the R (lunar vigil) of Aphelia and the E (gangplank gunpowder). There are also some exceptions such as R (Bullets) of Miss Fortune. However, the pirate throws so many waves with the final of her that the final damage is not determined by luck. Seen the data, it is evident that it is mechanical is disappearing from League of to give way to the new favorite feature of Riot Games.

One of the very best technique

** The origins of the Starcraft world are available for Lau-at the very least when you are Amazon Prime customer. One of these video games is the original Starcraft, which is now offered in the remastered version at Amazon Prime.

There are a number of video games that everybody should have played, also if you are otherwise not so interested in a certain genre. These turning points in the video gaming location are just a should to comprehend just how the categories have formed-or even after decades they are so prominent that it would merely be a frivel not to check into the game at the very least when. Among these games is the initial Starcraft, which is now readily available in the remastered variation at Amazon Prime.

The origins of the Starcraft world are readily available for Lau-at the very least when you are Amazon Prime customer. We disclose what waves to you.

If you are trying to find a couple of hrs of great strategy enjoyment or just require an additional timeless in your collection, after that you can do nothing with Starcraft: Remastered-especially if you still play Starcraft II and the plot total want to understand. Because Starcraft II is based upon the wonderful story of the initial part.

There is a flock of Zerg, led by the terrifying overmind, individuals of the Terrans and also the mystical, in some way stylish protoss.

** Basically is Starcraft: Remastered still a pearl in the strategy genre and is for that reason worthwhile for every person that is in any kind of way in real-time approach. StarCraft is largely a 2D game that just tries to mimic 3D-even if it was considerably prettied up in many areas.

Have you already secured Starcraft: Remastered? Otherwise, you need to hurry, due to the fact that the deal is just valid until September 1st.

What type of game is that? Starcraft still uses today, over 24 years after the original launch, still among the most effective well balanced strategy games. Even after that, Starcraft convinced not only with a fairly interesting project, but likewise with different degree designs with different objective types and also three types, which all played completely differently.

Starcraft still uses today, over 24 years after the original launch, still one of the best balanced technique video games. Generally is Starcraft: Remastered still a pearl in the strategy genre and also is for that reason rewarding for every person who is in any kind of way in real-time method.

How do you obtain to the game? So that you get the game complimentary of charge, you have to be a consumer of Amazon Prime.

On top of that, the remastered version additionally consists of the Brood War development, which comes again with new units and also other campaigns types.

Without PlayStation Plus: You can play online free of charge momentarily

Since the PlayStation 4 you have actually needed a Playstation Plus subscription to play multiplayer video games or on-line settings of your favorite single player games. This weekend break, on the other hand, everyone-i.e. without a subscription-can play with each other or versus each other.

PlayStation arranges a free multiplayer weekend break

Or you make use of the totally free multiplayer weekend to experiment with the freshly released Saints Row in co-op mode.

Without PS And Also on PlayStation 5 and also PlayStation 4, a multiplayer game? With a few exemptions, this is usually not feasible. on August 28th as well as 27th Sony makes it possible.

So if you do not have a Playstation And also subscription or somebody in your circle of pals does not have any, after that you can still play with each other or against each other **. You can make Los Santos harmful online in GTA or challenge football in FIFA 22 in a video game.

Note: No access to totally free video games

The free multi-player weekend enables you to play online without PS And also, yet you will not get any type of access to the complimentary August games . To download and install and play the complying with video games, you still need at the very least PlayStation Plus Important **, the most affordable of the three subscription degrees:

Considering that the PlayStation 4 you have required a Playstation Plus membership to play multiplayer video games or online settings of your favorite single player games. Without PS Plus on PlayStation 5 as well as PlayStation 4, a multiplayer video game? on August 28th and also 27th ** Sony makes it feasible.

  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 +2 (PS5/PS4).
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon (PS5/PS4).

  • Little Problems (PS4).

And that must now refer program, yet you can not access the additional as well as superior games, i.e. web content of the other two subscription degrees.

Gamescom 2022: All verified games at a glance

Last update on August 3: Schedule from Humble Games and also Ubisoft included. Furthermore, the games are currently arranged by the hall in which you can discover the stands.

In the meanwhile, after different prominent terminations, there is likewise a strong lineup in big companies that have actually agreed to get involved in Gamescom 2022. However, for instance, Microsoft’s Xbox team, Ubisoft or Bandai Namco keep with the games they want to show, still behind the mountain.

all games confirmed for Gamescom 2022.

To make the choice easier, we have placed together a list of all titles that will certainly currently be revealed at Gamescom 2022 This is still relatively short, given that numerous of the huge firms have so far not been shown in the cards.

The moment has actually been available in virtually specifically one month-then Gamescom 2022 begins, which will lastly occur in Cologne once again in addition to an extensive online appearance. Ticket pre-sale is currently going, but possibly you ask yourself if a browse through to gamescom is actually worth it this year, due to the fact that some authors and studios have already validated their lack.

Note: We update this article as quickly as brand-new details comes to be known.

Here you will certainly find the list with all verified exhibitors:


Diese Spiele sind nicht mit dabei: Interessant ist auch, was wir auf der Messe alles nicht sehen werden. Leider sind unter den nicht vertretenen Spielen viele Emphasizes für das restliche Jahr: Splatoon 3, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, Bayonetta 3, Pokémon Karmesin und Purpur, The Last people Component 1, God of Battle Ragnarök, FIFA 23, Overwatch 2 und Call of Task: Modern Warfare II werden alle abwesend sein, da weder Nintendo, Sony, Activision noch EA auf der Messe vertreten sein werden.
| GTFO – Level Infinite.| agricultural simulator 22 – Giants software.| Steel: Hellsinger – Level Infinite.| One Pipeline Odyssey – Bandai Namco.| Park Beyond – Bandai Namco.| Roller Champions – Ubisoft.| Head and Bones – Ubisoft.| The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Bandai Namco.| Tower of Fantasy – Level Infinite.| V Increasing – Level Infinite.| Warhammer 40,000: Darktide **- Level Infinite.

Alle bestätigten Entwickler/Publisher.
| Ghost Tune – Humble Games.| Infinite Guitars – Humble Games.| Midnight Battling Express – Humble Games.| Mimeko’s Night Market – Humble Games.| Moonscars – Humble Games.| Signalis – Humble Games.| Unpacking **- Humble Games.

All games in Hall 8.


Die Anlaufstelle für Tanzfans : Das neue Simply Dance wird ebenfalls auf der gamescom gezeigt. Das Line findet ihr aber nicht beim Stand von Ubisoft in Halle 7 sondern in Halle 10.2 — genauer im Family & Friends-Bereich.

21 0.

Wann findet pass away gamescom 2022 statt? Pass away Messe selbst öffnet ihre Pforten einen Tag später, am 24.

Im Video seht ihr einige der Indie-Highlights in Aktion: .

Was sagt ihr zum bisherigen Schedule für pass away gamescom 2022? .

Thus far, just a few titles are recognized that will most definitely exist as part of Gamescom 2022 (through games economy). Right here is the full checklist:.

gamescom 2022 Aussteller-Liste.

  • [I] doesn’t exist– a contemporary message journey.
  • An Area for the Unbound.
  • Airhead.
  • AK-xolotl.
  • Aka.
  • Animal Well.
  • Antro.
  • Gallery Heaven.
  • Arcadia Fallen.
  • Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles.
  • Back to the Dawn.
  • Batora: Lost Place.
  • Birth.
  • Blind Fate: Edo no Yami.
  • Blueberry.
  • Bound By Blades.
  • Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator.
  • Capture Me!
  • Chained Echoes.
  • Youngsters of Silentown.
  • CLeM.
  • Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly.
  • Crimson Tale.
  • DE-EXIT– Everlasting Issues.
  • Deadlink.
  • Delicious Dungeon.
  • Desta: The Memories In between.
  • Diluvian Winds.
  • Dome Keeper.
  • Dorfromantik.
  • Downhill Legend.
  • DreadXP.
  • Duru– A Video Game About Mole Rats & Depression.
  • Empires of the Copse.

* Endling– Extinction is Forever.
* Goodbye North.
* Figment 2: Creed Valley.
* Fling to the End up.
* Flying Neko Shipment.
* Frank and also Drake.
* Gatewalkers.
* Gibbon: Beyond the Trees.
* GigaBash.
* Goblins of Elderstone.
* Gori: Snuggly Carnage.
* Gripper.
* Hamster Play ground.
* Heart of Muriet.
* Highrise City.
* Hokko Life.
* Holomento.
* Just How to Claim Goodbye.
* I was an Adolescent Exocolonist.
* Inkulinati.
* Jasper as well as the City of Lights.
* Kona II: Brume.
* Sea serpent Academy !!
* LakeSide.
* Tale of Keepers.
* Leif’s Journey: Netherworld Hero.
* Allow them to Trade.
* Lightyear Frontier.
* M.S. Salmon.
* Mira As Well As The Tale Of The Djinns.
* Mirror Forge.
* Moviehouse.
* Needy Streamer Overload.
* One Last Breath.
* PIECES: Mirror of Starsong– Maturity Edition.
* ORX.
* Outbreak Island.
* Proof.
* Going by– A Tailwind Journey.
* Paws as well as Leaves– A Thracian Story.
* Please, Touch The Artwork.
* Potion Mogul.
* Power Chord.
* Project Morph.
* Task Timi: Sasha’s Curse.
* ProtoCorgi.
* Rain Globe: Rainstorm.
* Increasing Lords.
* Roboquest.
* Rosewater.
* Saga of Sins.
* Sandwalkers.
* School of Magic.
* Darkness of Doubt.
* Soulitaire.
* Spookware.
* Sucker For Love: First Day.
* Super Catboy.
* Terraformers.
* The Darkest Data.
* The Fabulous Concern Machine.
* The Last Employee.
* The Orphan: A Pop-Up Publication Adventure.
* The Previous Witin.
* The Plague Physician of Wippra.
* The Riftbreaker.
* The Siege as well as The Sandfox.
* The Time I Have Left.
* The Unliving.
* The Roaming Town.
* The Wreck.
* Tin Hearts.
* Tiny Troopers Global Ops.
* To destiny.
* Unrailed!
* Unsteakables.
* Verne: The Forming of Fantasy.
* We Keep Behind.
* What The Bat?
* Wild Woods.
* Witchtastic.
* X4: Tides of Avarice.
* XEL.
* You Suck at Vehicle parking.
* absolutely no Sievert.

In Hall 10 you will primarily find the indie field and also hence an option of lots of little games. You can review which these are right here:.
| Gungrave G.O.R.E. – Prime Matter.| System Shock – Prime Issue.| The Last Oricru **- Prime Issue.

21 0.

All games in Hall 9.

All games in Hall 10.

All confirmed developers/publisher.

All games in Hall 7.

Wann findet die gamescom 2022 statt? Los geht es am 23. August mit der Opening Night Live, in deren Rahmen neue und bekannte Spiele vorgestellt werden. Pass away Messe selbst öffnet ihre Pforten einen Tag später, am 24. August , mit einer Rede von Vizekanzler Robert Habeck.

Gamescom 2022 exhibitor checklist.

Epic Games signed MOUs between the top virtual production companies in Korea

Epic Games has joined hands with Korea’s top virtual production companies.

Epic Games Korea (CEO Sung-Chul Park), a Korean corporation of Epic Games, which provides everything for Unreal Engine, Store and Digital Creative Ecosystem, is a global game developer. Methabus Content Art Tech Company Beef Studio (CEO Se-gyu Kim) and Korea’s first Virtual Production company X-On Studio (CEO Won-ik Jang) signed a business agreement (MOU) to strengthen virtual production technology and strengthen business competitiveness. It was revealed.


The agreement will further strengthen the solidarity between the four companies and go beyond mutual cooperation for technology growth and exchanges at a more practical level.

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, which provides the world’s most open and progressive real-time 3D technology, is leading the innovative virtual production technology for various contents such as movies, dramas, and advertising, from previz to the latest manufacturing technology, In camera VFX..

Dexter Studio has recently completed the filming of Kim Yong-hwa’s new film [The Moon], which recorded a double-10 million audience score, at Dexter’s D1 Studio. The techniques of four companies will be applied to the original [Hairdoga] and [the only daughter of the emperor].

BCSTIOS is an AI-based meta bus content art tech company, which is an original story of BTS agency Hive and collaborated with BTS [7fates: Chakho] (Dark Moon: The Altar of the Moon), Tomorrow Bai Together Original Story [Boys Chasing Stars] Story Films were introduced as Virtual Production Technology of Verb Studio.

X-on is also the first Virtual Studio in Korea, and is performing various genres of projects such as the Netflix drama [Boy Judge] and Advertisement [Hyundai Motors Staria World Premier].

In relation to the Alliance signing, four representatives said, We want to create a new innovative achievement that will be milestones in the development of virtual contents while laying the foundation for Virtual Production Industry by developing collaboration through various methods in various fields in the future. Through this, we will introduce the power of the evolved K content that fits the full-fledged multi-bus era and strengthen its status.

Last year, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism predicted that the domestic market in 2022 was expected to be 11.7 trillion won, and it would grow about five times compared to 2020. PWC, a global consulting firm, also predicted that the global market in the world will reach $ 1.75 trillion (KRW 2267.65 trillion) in 2030.

Dusk Falls Dusk Falls and Watch Dogs 2, among the new Xbox Game PDusk Fallss games for July 2022

The lDusk Fallst wave of Xbox Game PDusk Fallss games will not take too long to see the light. The American company hDusk Falls announced a list six new titles, which will be available throughout this week. One of the most interesting additions is Dusk Falls , a narrative cutting video game that will arrive at stores the same day Dusk Falls at the service.

Xbox Game PDusk Fallss Ultimate subscribers will have access to Watch Dogs 2 , Dusk Falls part of Ubisoft video games that are added for the enjoyment of subscribers. More games? Do not miss the complete list:

all the new games of July 2022

  • Dusk Falls Dusk Falls (cloud, console and PC) — July 9
  • Dusk Fallshes of Singularity: Escallation (PC) [email protected] —19 July
  • Watch Dogs 2 (Cloud, Console and PC) — July 9
  • MotoGP (cloud, console and PC) — July 21
  • Torment: Tides of Numenara (Cloud and console) — July 21

Games adapted to tactile controls

  • Citizen Sleeper
  • Disc Room
  • Academy Escape
  • Garden Story
  • Little Witch in The Woods (Game Preview)
  • Lost in Random

* Umurangi Generation
* Yakuza 0
* Yakuza Kiwami
* Yakuza Kiwami 2
* Dusk Falls Dusk Falls-Available on July 19

Among the video games that have arrived in July are Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza Kiwami 2, LDusk Fallst Call BBS, Djmax respect V, Matchpoint: Tennis Championships, Road 96, Escape Academy, My Friend Peppa Pig Pig, Overwhelm, Paw Patrol The Movie or PowerwDusk Fallsh Simulator.

Games that leave Xbox Game PDusk Fallss

You still have time to play the titles that appear on the list we offer below, since will leave the Xbox Game PDusk Fallss service on August 31.

  • Dodgeball Academy (cloud, console and PC)
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll (cloud, console and PC)
  • Lumines RemDusk Fallstered (cloud, console and PC)
  • OMNO (cloud, console and PC)
  • Raji: An ancient epic (cloud, console and pc)

Read here Dusk Falls Dusk Falls analysis.

Quantic Dream explains why he no longer makes exclusive games for PlayStation

One of the companies that defined a genre of video games was Quantic Dream , who decided to give a more cinematic approach to present extensive stories that do not fit in just two hours. Also, they were known for launching exclusive titles for PlayStation, something that was lost after Detroit: Become Human and now we already know the reason behind the term of collaboration.

This is what the company’s founder commented, David Cage , regarding his partners:

The collaboration with PlayStation was wonderful, when we started working with them we were a very small study. We talked about the moment we started working in Heavy Rain, back in 2007. And they have been incredibly good with us, they gave us all the creative freedom we wanted, supported the projects for twelve years and has been an incredible trip together. We are very proud of everything we have achieved together… Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human, none of these games would have been possible without their support.

At the same time there is a point after twelve years of collaboration in which we also have desires and concerns to do different things. First we think of going with our games to the territory of Cross-Patform. We thought it would be great to be able to reach more people than users who have a PS. We wanted to explore different types of games and different things, in addition to doing more than one game at a time, a desire for the team itself, could realize the ton of ideas they had.

There is also a time that you think, ‘we have been working with editors for 20 years and they take financial risks when they support your project. They put the money on the table and if the game does not succeed they lose. Therefore, it is fair that they take most of the cake ’, and we reached a moment when we thought that, perhaps, we also wanted to invest that money and have all the cake for us.

Given this, the team confirms that it was a risk that the director took, but from the entire team and its financial interests. So it can be summarized, that Quantic Dream decided to become independent to have more creative freedom. In addition to the possibility of creating more video games simultaneously.

Start time of Nintendo Direct in June 2022 – this is just how you look at the showcase

The The beginning time of Nintendo Direct June 2022 is set on June 28, 2022 at 6:00 a.m. PT, 9:00 a.m. ET, 2:00 p.m. BST, 3:00 p.m. CEST and runs for 25 minutes . As already pointed out, the program will concentrate solely on games from third-party companies, so do not anticipate Splatoon before the publication day of Splatoon 3 or Zeldas next adventure before the launch day of The Legends of Zelda Breath of bush 2.


However a video game that we can anticipate from is Mario + Rabbids Triggers of Hope, which is arranged to appear in 2022 and has actually not been offered since last summertime. Reports suggested that the game will offer this month and this appears to be the very best area, considering that it is technically a game of a third-party service provider that is established by Ubisoft. Hopefully we will receive a gameplay creation as well as a magazine day from Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

The video will be available on YouTube as well as will certainly not be a livestream, just a video that Nintendo will release as soon as the beginning time has been reached.

While you are waiting on straight transmission, take a look at a few of the very best Nintendo Switch over video games as well as our introduction of the employment of Fire Emblem Warriors 3 Hopes after the video game was released on June 24th.

Other video games that will probably show up are sludge ranchers on Change, that was recently examined as well as a face-lift at No Male’s Skies on the system.

After a few suggestions online as well as thumbs of fans, Nintendo has actually lastly confirmed that a Nintendo Direct will certainly happen on June 28, 2022. However it is actually a smaller sized mini route that concentrates on games from third-party suppliers.

A new #nintendodirectmini: Companion Showcase gets on the method! See available on our YouTube network from Tuesday, June 28th at 6:00 a.m. PT to get details concerning upcoming third-party providers for about 25 minutes.

Subscribe here and also trigger notifications:

  • Nintendo of America (@nintendoamerica) 27. June 2022

[Interview] Dot + Videm Up + Strategy Meets Final Night

Most of them will rely on their eyes when looking for a game without any information. You have to catch your eyes. Therefore, it usually shows graphics and directing enough to open a plausible artwork to the front or to open the mouth through a trailer. This is not much different in the indie game. Although it is not enough compared to AAA-class games, we are doing our best to show elements that are different from other games.

Doosoft’s ‘Final Night’ is a noticeable game. Like the ‘cuphead’, it does not mean something of all time. At first, ‘What is it? What is the graphic that looks like this paint? ‘ I thought this way. It might have just passed so much, but I was eye-catching for some reason, and I learned more about the game. In addition, the question of ‘Final Night’ also grew. From crude and refined graphics to combat systems. I could see that it was not just a game made.

I was able to contact Kang Nam-gyu, the representative of Doosi Soft, who is developing ‘Final Night’. Why did he develop the game, who had never majored in game development, and had never developed a game. He heard his story that he wanted to make a game of memories.

Q. First of all, please introduce a brief introduction to you.

This is Kang Nam-gyu, the representative of Dooshsoft. In fact, he is a bit embarrassing to be a representative. As a one-person developer, I’m making everything al1. Currently, we are developing ‘Final Night’, a non-strategy game.

Q. Most of the unique mission or team name makes sense. What does Dushy Soft mean?

I’m a little embarrassed (laughs). It doesn’t mean much. Dusoft was made to develop the game after work after work, and beyond bedtime. In many cases, it was developed for 3-4 am. That’s why her wife is worried. At least at 2 am, I grew up, but it came to me, so I translated 2’O Clock Soft, Korean translated into two o’clock software.

Q. It’s not a full-time developer to develop after work.

Yes, I have no experience in the game industry. I’m working on public development, but recently I rarely do outside activities because of Corona 19, so I had a lot of time left after work. So I couldn’t spend the time more beneficial, so I developed the game. But I challenged it, but it wasn’t easy. I didn’t major in game development, and I started with 0 at first, so I had a hard time.

The start itself was around 2017, but I didn’t have any experience, so I finally spilled the project. So, in fact, Final Night is my first game. I have been developed for about two years, and I am developing it all myself. The only outsourcing is the sound I can’t do.

Q. Is there a reason why you developed the game even though you suffered so early?

I really liked the game since I was young. Even now. From Balders Gate to Skyrim, Wow, Dark Soul and Monheon. I think I’ve played all the games. But one day I thought that way. What should I say? Feeling uncomfortable? It’s true that games are the core of such consumption. Some know the historical facts through the game, but the key is entertainment. But I didn’t think it was nothing else. Which game would be fun, it would have been nice to do this. Is it left? Probably, other gamers will be similar. So I developed the game because I couldn’t just leave that experience.

But it was really hard. I don’t know why it takes three to four years until I first developed the game? I did it, but I learned that it was natural.

Q. I often start with an easy genre, but I wonder why I chose the belt scroll genre among many genres.

It was simple. I’ve loved belt scroll action games before. In addition to ‘Dungeon & Dragon 2’, as well as ‘Final Fight’, it seems to have been a good thing to say that it is a belt scroll game of memories. I also enjoyed Dungeon & Fighter. It can be said that it affected. This is not only influenced by the belt scroll game. By combining WoW’s party play system, we set up a party and implement a system that targets the boss by changing the formation by itself, adding strategic elements to the action of the belt scroll to save the element of ‘Final Night’.

** Q. It’s called ‘Dungeon & Dragon 2’, so I think of the coop play.

Online is not supported, but local two-person play is possible. There are a total of four characters, with 1P 1 and 2 characters, and 2P operate characters 3 and 4. Actually, I put it in my wife, but I was satisfied. It’s fun to have a lot of games. And most of the game room games of the previous memories also supported 2P as standards, and as they supported up to 4P, they put them in order to save such emotions.

Q. Something is eye-catching graphics. It’s clunky, rough and refined. I can make it cleaner, but I think it was intentionally clunky.

To some extent, the intention is right. These days, there are so many dots that are so good that their eyes turn around. So I thought it was more important to use the unique personality of ‘Final Night’ rather than clumsy. Of course, it was easy to talk, but at first it wasn’t easy. I’ve been doing a lot of years, but I’ve been taking dots and practicing, so I think it’s my own style and I have a lot of picture skills compared to the beginning.

I thought I would use asset, but it wasn’t easy. I had to modify the ‘Final Night’, and the character was SD, but the boss monster didn’t do it, so even though I bought an asset, I thought it was better to make it myself from the beginning.

Q. I don’t think it’s a simple action game, but please explain more about the game system.

Basically, you can explain the lobby and the main stage. The lobby is literally a space to prepare before the battle. You can organize your own party here, with nine classes in the game, and you can freely choose four classes.

You can also prepare a variety of auxiliary items, such as potions, bombs, flashes, and throwing hammocks for stunting to the boss. As each boss has a slightly different strategy method, preparing appropriate items is the key to attack.

The main stage consists of four, and it is a form of targeting the boss. The bosses are larger than ordinary monsters, with different damage to each part. Usually, after the head is a weak point, it is required to throw the throwing hammer described above to accumulate stunches, hit the legs, and to accumulate instructions and attack the weakness. At this time, it is the formation of seeing the light. Since you can’t manipulate all four classes by yourself, you can manipulate the formation with the elements you put in, so that the boss can respond to various situations where the boss avoids and gathers again.

Through these methods, we have saved strategic elements with the excitingness of the belt-scrolled videm-up genre. On the other hand, there is also a logite element, but when you die, all the items you have collected so far will disappear, but only one soulstone remains. In this soulstone, you can buy a name for your name for your name and change your class, and you want to relieve the boredom of repetition play by allowing you to buy better equipment from the beginning.

Q. At first, I thought it was a mobile negative game. I often develop on mobile, but have you had a special reason for developing on a PC?

The reason I enjoyed the reason why I developed as a belt scroll genre is that I did so, but the same is true for the development of a PC. I rarely play mobile games. Let’s make a game that I really want to make. I decided to develop it on my PC.

** Q. If you have a party, it’s possible to organize a party only in the extreme case if you are composed of tang, muscle, one-deal/lawyer, and healer.

Available. And it’s not just a party, but a combination of item so that you can nurture a specific class in the desired direction. Even though it is composed only by the truth, the role of the healer can be played to some extent. For example, Monheon is strictly determined that even though there is no healer, it is possible to set up a healer by setting up a wide range of lovers, mushroom lovers, fasting, and satisfaction skills.


It is not that much in ‘Final Night’, but by installing an item that strengthens the party members or an item that reduces the resurrection time, you can use it as a party member to fight as much as possible. Currently, ‘Final Night’ has a weapon with a total of 36 equipment, and the stats are randomly attached. I think there will be a variety of combinations. In addition, there are about 20 items such as potions and bombs, and there are also magic rings that summon Genie.

** Q. Class

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