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Horizon Forbidden West: Unlock and change aloys facial painting

In Horizon Forbidden West there are facial paintings, with which we can miss aloy an even more military look. Above all, this comes well in the photo mode well, but the painting can also be worn during normal gameplay. Because that can be easily overlooked and not as simple as in Fotomodus works, we will explain here briefly what you need to notice.

Horizon Forbidden West: So you can also use Face Paint outside of the photo mode

It’s about it: for facial paintings. Aloy, as in its predecessor Horizon Zero Dawn, can also create war painting Aka Face Paint. In the course of the game, we turn various different colors and shapes free, but they can only be equipped and changed in certain places – except in photomodus, that’s easy at the push of a button.

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How To Equip Face Paint In Horizon Forbidden West

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Find Färber: In order to be able to create facial paintings in Horizon Forbidden West, you must first find some of them and then find one of the three dybers that paint you. There are only these three people and they are to be found in the following jobs – waiting for them, you can easily get there via speed.

  • Brennsepeer
  • Mandrel
  • Bollwerk

It’s how it works: You recognize the people you can make up to a sign on the map. The symbol reminds of a pickaxe, but should represent ancient tattoo utensils. There you can then select the previously unlocked face paints and let you decorate with it, but you have to pay 10 metal shards for it.

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Where can I get the paintings? You almost turn it everywhere in the game. For example, you will receive new facial paintings for completing side quests, with Story missions and also right at the beginning of many activities.

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Kratos’ facial painting: As a special Easter Egg you can even unlock the facial painting of Kratos from God of War in Horizon Forbidden West. For this you must first complete a small schnitzel hunt across the map, but it’s worth it (if you have my goat on this facial painting):

__2 __1

Horizon Forbidden West

There are several God of War-Easter Eggs


Horizon Forbidden West has been available since 18th February. The Open World of Guerrilla has been released for both PS4 and PS5 and was able to fully convince us in our Twitter content test – apart from some little things. All guides about Horizon Forbidden West can be found here.

Which facial painting do you like best?

Guerrilla levied Horizon loading times: Forbidden West: How to shorten them even more

The recent releWeste of Horizon: Forbidden West hWest led to a few details of its development, and if yesterday we saw a nice tribute of guerrilla, today we will talk about more technical Westpects. The Dutch study hWest revealed that they artificially lengthened the game’s load times so that the players could read the advice, something that is not the first time it happens, and is that Insomniac Games did something similar with Ratchet & Clank: a dimension Besides.

And, according to Mathijs de Jonge -Director- and Michiel van der Leeuw -Dector-Technical Director-, Thanks to the PS5 SSD, the Horizon loading times: Forbidden West are practically instantaneous.

“In Horizon: Zero Dawn called him a quick trip, but could take you maybe a minute,” begins explaining by Jonge. “With PS5 this happens to be 4 or 5 seconds, load so fWestt that the players can not even read the advice, we had to add a very simple character so that they appear enough time so you can read at leWestt one of them.”

How to shorten loading times

This feature of Jonge’s talks is simply having to press the X button once the load is complete. However, it can be deactivated so that these wait are even shorter, and in a very simple way: it is enough to go to the settings menu, go to “general” -he first section – and already in the seventh option we will find “screen mode Load “, established by default in information. We changed immediately and ready, we will not need to press any button to return to action.

At another point of the interview, both hazard the SSD of the console, ensuring that it hWest been a great addition from the point of view of the developers. “You can not imagine how eWesty the games enter a bottleneck, says van der Leeuw.” If you run a PC game in a very fWestt SSD, it does not automatically load in seven seconds. There is a lot of work to do yet. “

Horizon Forbidden West Could be Incredible If Guerrilla Solves THIS Problem

Horizon: Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.

How to get equipment and spear hole legacy in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated Sony 2022 games, and the first users of the Sicvel Guerrilla Games will receive various bonuses for receiving copies in the early stages of the game life cycle. Horizon Zero Dawn fans recognize the Nora Legacy’s equipment and spear, which is provided as a bonus for selected players in the Forbidden West, and that’s how you can get this set of items.

Where to find Preorder Bonus Items in Horizon Forbidden West - Nora Legacy Outfit & Spear

To unlock equipment and spear Nora Heritage , You need to pre-order Any version of Horizon Forbidden West before the release of the game February 18, 2022. Those who will acquire a digital version of Horizon Forbidden West will receive this free addition along with The game in the pre-order confirmation menu when buying. If you buy a physical copy, retailers must send information to the specified email address or your receipt with the instructions on the repayment of this nostalgic set.

Guerrilla Games presented a detailed preview of the Nora Legacy Outfit & Spear set, which players can see on their page on Twitter, which we turned below:

Read more about Horizon Forbidden West , Be sure to read some of our other articles here, in the Games for professionals!

Horizon Forbidden West: How to get a flying riding (sunshine)

There are many aircraft machines in Horizon Forbidden West, and players can actually overwrite one of them and use them as a flying riding to get much faster around the world. While Aloy can get new machine overrides by completing cauldrons distributed in the forbidden West, the override of the flying riding is unlocked by another method. The sunshine is the only aircraft that can be tamed and ridden so you can not climb any other flying enemies like Glinthawks, even if you have unlocked your overgrowns. So you get a flying riding in Horizon Forbidden West.

How to get a flying riding in Horizon Forbidden West

The sunshine is the only flying riding in Horizon Forbidden West. You can meet you very early in the game, but the bridging that you can climb it will not be unlocked if you have completed the main story mission called The Wings of the TEN. This is the penultimate mission in Horizon Forbidden West, so you can not fly until the end of the game. Fortunately, keep your flying mount after you finish the main history, and can use it to complete all side activities that will remain.

Horizon Forbidden West Sunwing explained

As soon as you have unlocked the sunshine, you can summon him like any other ride by pressing the control cross. When you ride on a flying mount, hold down the X key to fly forward and use the R1 and R2 buttons to customize your height. You can use sunwing to easily reach Tallnecks, travel between side quest locations without having to use a quick travel package, and generally get much faster around the world.

How To Get Flying Mounts In Horizon Forbidden West
There are also many other machines that can be mounted in Horizon Forbidden West, so you definitely look at the cauldrons of the game to complete your machine collection. Aloy starts the game with unlocked charger riding, but you can also ride Clawstriders and Bristlebacks as soon as they have unlocked their respective overrides.

Horizon prohibited west is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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Analysis reveals how it runs GOD OF WAR in PC compared to PlayStation

In Nordic mythology, Ragnarök refers to an end of the prophetic globe with a collection of occasions including a three-year-old winter (Fimbulvetr), followed by a fantastic battle on the level of Sigrid. The majority of divinities like Odin, Thor, Fear, Handball and Loki, yet likewise the titans and also almost all men will pass away there, a collection of all-natural calamities will then see the world overwhelmed by the waves and ruined by the flames.
The Ragnarök is the subject of many studies as well as conflicts to establish the actual origin of the story created late, after the Christianization of the Nordic globe. Numerous professionals suggest that the messages describing completion of the Python globe are influenced by biblical stories, from the last judgment, including the Armageddon as well as the end of the millennia world, and also the Ecclesiastes, Some also locate contrasts with stories of other Indo-European mythologies, which could show a common origin of the misconception or outside pagan affects. For several scholars, these influences obtained from various other cultures and also reworded by Christian clerics are wrongly credited to viking folklore, and also misshaped the expertise we have of Scandinavian belief. This message could also draw its resources in observing natural disasters in Iceland.
Richard Wagner has a lot popularized the style of Ragnarök with his Opera her Ring DES Nibelungen, whose last component is for title Götterdämmerung, the sundown of the gods.

When Horizon Zero Dawn and days Gone arrived at PC, several errors were reported in these versions. In this way, the fans were concerned that God of War suffered from the same destination. However, recent prevents have shown that this is not the case, and a new analysis has left this more than clear.

Today, Digital Foundry published a new video that brings face to face the PS5 version with the PC , and it has been pointed out that the new release is the best way to enjoy the work that Sony Santa Monica gave us in 2018.

While the version of PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 are still worth it, Digital Foundry has indicated that on PC with the correct options, which includes a graphical card such as RTX 2060, The game reaches stable 60fps in almost everything moment. Similarly, some problems related to textures and particles present in consoles, are not found in the PC version.

We remind you that God of War is already available on PC. On related topics, we also already tried God of War on PC, and here we tell you how it is. Similarly, God of War Ragnarök has received its first classification.

Editor’s note:

God of War In the PlayStation consoles it is still a valid option. However, if you are from those who are obsessed with the Frame rate, then the PC version is for you. All the options present make this a first level experience in all technical senses, as long as you have the necessary components.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 2 date start time rewards and more

Fora Horizon 5 is a race computer game created by the Play area Games workshop as well as modified by Xbox Video game Studios. This is the 5th opus of the franchise forza horizon its predecessor being Fora Horizon 4. It came out on November 9, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series, nonetheless it was currently readily available since November 5, 2021, for Owners of the Premium Version of the game. The video game is complimentary on Xbox Game Pass

12 MILLION/HOUR MONEY GLITCH! | Use This NOW! (Forza Horizon 5)

Fora Horizon 5 Series 2 celebrates the Christmas season with a series of winter events and collectibles, which is hunting. Before Christmas and other holidays in 2021, Series 2 will introduce new rewards for players and four weekly events and challenges.

As with Series 1 for Fora Horizon 5, not much about the series is known before the publication, but the game has given us some hints on what we can expect from the Formation events, thematically from players-created event Lab races and lines, And seasonal challenges in spring, summer, winter and autumn in Mexico.

Continue reading to get a complete insight Fora Horizon 5 Series 2, including date, start time, activities and more. PLAYGROUND GAMES will hopeful further details when we approach the start date of Fora Horizon 5 Series 2.

Fora Horizon 5 Series 2 date

The date of Fora Horizon 5 Series 2 is set for 9 . December 2021. The series then runs four weeks until early January.

As with all other series, another season will emphasize every week, starting with summer.

Fora Horizon 5 Series 2 Start Time

Fora Horizon 5 Series 2 — Christmas Special starts around 6: 30 pm Pt, 9:30 am ET, 2:30 pm GMT, 15:30 Me on 9.12.2021.

Fora Horizon 5 Series 2 Rewards

Unlike series 1 we do not know any of the Fora Horizon 5 Series 2 rewards However, the game instead shows some of the activities that the players have to deal with in December.

Fora Horizon 5 Series 2 activities

Fora Horizon 5 Series 2-Activities will include formation events, seasonal events, challenges and monthly events that are completed every week with different races and destinations.

The game shows that some of the challenges that players must face the out setting of snowmen throughout Mexico and destroying gifts. As far as the events are concerned, a new ice stadium is added and cities and coastal areas are provided with Christmas decorations.

That covers everything we know about Fora Horizon 5 Series 2. We will keep this manual up to date when we approach the release date of the series.

Guerrilla Games looking for employees for a multiplayer project without announcing

Horizon Forbidden West is still underway and with date established by February 2022, but in Guerrilla Games they have at leGames Guerrillat another project in the bedroom. A labor supply hGames Guerrilla taken the light that the study looks for personnel for a position at quality department. Games Guerrilla it hGames Guerrilla been seen on the official website, this position is linked to a multiplayer video game not announced Games Guerrilla of today.

In the same announcement there is talk of the video game is still beloved project. One of the keys for which it is thought to have a mainly multiplayer component is that they Games Guerrillak at leGames Guerrillat three years of experience in that role, but they also seek a person familiar with the online setting of games Games Guerrilla a service. It is not the first time that offers of this style appear on the Games Guerrilla website.

No additional track at the moment

SOCOM PS5 Lives? Killzone Gone! - Guerrilla Games Unannounced Multiplayer Project Could Be SOCOM!
Although there is nothing official, it hGames Guerrilla been rumored that the developer is working in some kind of multiplayer game set at the Universe of Horizon. Of course, none of this is official, so we will have to wait until the announcement materializes. Meanwhile, stakeholders can try their luck and send their CV accompanied by a motivation letter.

Horizon Forbidden West follows the road marked by the first installment and will be an adventure for a single player. Ally, the experienced protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn, will return to postpoliptic world of machines governed by these creatures and vegetation. More and better, that s what this new chapter promises full of hazards, exploration, combat and strategy.

Although the game wGames Guerrilla initially planned by 2021, Guerrilla needed something more time to fully polish the experience, so that it will finally go on sale the February 18 for PS4 and PS5.

Accessibility features promoted in Forza Horizon 5

In a fantastic gesture on the part of the Fora Horizon 5 team, they worked with the gaming and disability community to make their game more accessible to people around the world. Fora Horizon 5, which is already doing pretty well with those who paid for anticipated access, also has features that guarantee that players do not have to stick to the usual options. Instead, there are options, such as the Miltonian mode, where people with Platonism can adjust the settings of the user interface and the visuals of the game. There is also the possibility of adjusting the police of different How to make the words easier to read, and a screen reader narrator that can read the text, buttons and other elements aloud.

Forza Horizon 5 Accessibility Features

Fora Horizon 5 also works on the management of the signs for cinematic, in order to facilitate access, especially the American Sign Language (ASL) and the British Sign Language (BSL). This will ensure that there is an interpreter on the screen, which will appear in the image near the bottom of the screen. So for those who choose this option, they will be able to follow and do not have to rely on the subtitles, as they may have had to do it in the past. It is also possible to disable the background movement, which may have caused transportation for some.

It s a big deal. Although there were the Game Accessibility Awards, celebrating games that offered more options to those who need it, the features have often been overlooked. Microsoft has made progress lately on its platform, offering the Xbox Accessibility Insiders League (also known as Rail), where members can give their opinion to make the games easier for people of all levels. Honestly, having more access options can get a better gaming experience for everyone, not just for a few.

For those interested in Fora Horizon 5, he is currently on the Xbox Game Pass and will be on sale on November 9 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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