If you’re a basketball fan, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the NBA 2K game series. In MyCareer mode, you can play as one of your favorite teams and take them on in a regular season or playoff matchup. If you want to get even more involved in the game, you might want to start drafting your team!

Create or join a team

If you’re new to fantasy sports or want to jump into a draft without spending hours researching players and teams, MyCareer is the perfect platform for you.

To start a draft in MyCareer, you first need to create or join a league. Once you’ve created or joined a league, you’ll be able to invite friends and other league members.

Once your league is ready, it’s time to draft! To draft in MyCareer, click on the “draft” button and select your team. You can also choose to auction off players, which will let you compete against other league members for the player of your choice.

How to get started?

  • To play fantasy drafts online with friends, you can select “MyCareer Online.” select “MyCareer” from the main menu, then select from the list of MyCareer options. A photo of Nikola Jokic will represent it.
  • Select any of the ten available save locations, then choose from one of the three available MyCareer options;
  • Current NBA teams, league expansions, or custom leagues. No matter which option you choose, you can perform fantasy drafts.
  • Choose if you want to start your league during the regular season, starting on day one of the 2022-23 NBA season.
  • Or from the offseason, when the 2022 NBA offseason begins. Again, you can perform fantasy drafts no matter which option you choose.
  • Once you’ve set up the structure for your league, you’ll see options to “Customize Your League” or “Start Mode.”
  • You must navigate to and select “Settings Options” on the far right of this screen.
  • Now that you are on the settings options screen, scroll down to the “Fantasy Drafts” option and toggle it to “On.”
  • At this point, it will light up and allow you to select more in-depth options in your fantasy draft below, such as the draft order, draft type, player pool, etc.

After you’ve decided which settings are right for you, you want to play through your fantasy draft. Make sure to use the options (or start) button to advance. Otherwise, your selections will not be saved. You can choose the teams you want to control in fantasy drafts and leagues. Once you have your league set up, you can start drafting!

Find players and set your lineup.

To start a fantasy draft in MyCareer, you’ll first need to find players and set your lineup. You can search for players by position, team, or player name. Once you’ve found the players you want, it’s time to set your lineup.

To set your lineup, click on the “Your Team” tab at the top of the page. On this page, you’ll see all your team players. You can click on any of these players to see their stats and information about them.

Next, it’s time to pick your lineup. To do this, click the “Lineup” button next to any player in your team’s lineup. This will open a new window with all possible combinations that could be made with that player in your lineup. Choose the combination of players you want to use that day and click “Select.” Your selection will then be saved and shown on the main MyCareerpage.

Make trades

To start a fantasy draft in MyCareer, you must first make trades. You can trade players with other users in the league or trade players with your team’s general manager.

Thinking about how your team will improve after the trade is made is important. When trading players, consider what you’re getting in return. If you’re getting a player already on your team, make sure he’s playing well and has good stats. If you’re trading a player who is not playing well, ensure you get something of value in return.

Once you have made all the trade decisions, it’s time to draft your team. To draft your team, select one player from each category (forward, center, guard, and so on). Be sure to choose players who have good stats and are
likely to continue playing well for the rest of the season.

Bench players and manage your team’s bench

The most important part of any fantasy draft is ensuring you have the best possible team. That means benching players and managing your team’s bench First, you should bench any players who are not playing well. This will help to keep your team’s overall batting average high. Second, draft players who will play well in specific positions.

For example, if you’re drafting a pitcher, draft a catcher who can hit well. This way, your pitcher will have better stats when pitching in front of
a catcher who can hit good balls.

Pick a player to start

To start a fantasy draft in MyCareer, you first have to choose a player to start. This player can be anyone on your team, including the starting center or point guard. You don’t have to worry about the position when picking your

Once you have chosen a player to start, it’s time to pick your other players. You can choose any players on your roster, including reserves and bench players. Be sure to consider each player’s importance to your team’s success.

If you have questions about starting a fantasy draft in MyCareer, feel free to ask us on our forums or social media. We are here to help!