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Everyone is Jordan in their own story, “NBA 2K23” Jordan Challenge: Take you back to the “Jordan era”

If you were to recommend a basketball game to a basketball fan, every player would say the NBA 2K series in unison. This “skin-changing” game has been criticized every year: a new game is launched when the player list is changed, and the key position is changed. Of course, this is just a “love-hate” of players for the “NBA 2K” series, which still doesn’t stop it from being the best basketball game on the planet.

The new work of the “NBA 2K” series, “NBA 2K23”, was released on September 9. The cover character of this work is Devin Booker, who is currently playing for the Suns. But when the number 23 is mentioned, people will naturally think of Michael Jordan in the Bulls’ No. 23 jersey – known by fans as “the greatest basketball player”.

Throughout the history of the development of “NBA 2K”, all the superstars who can be on the cover of the game: James, Davis, Kobe, Irving, etc., but who is the “God of Basketball” in the hearts of fans, it is only Jordan. In the Jordan Challenge, the 2K series selected 15 of Jordan’s career-high 15 games, and players needed to manipulate the Bulls to bring Jordan back to its former glory.

The goal of the game is derived from the real statistics of Jordan’s game in history, such as scoring 63 points, getting 6 assists, and winning games, which is Jordan’s real statistics in the 1986 playoffs between the Bulls and the Celtics. In this mode, players need to give Jordan access to these data in order to complete the challenge, including re-enacting “The Shot” and other great and classic moments.

Not only does it ensure emotional elements in the NBA 2K23 gameplay, but it also does the same visually. For example, in this mode, the filters and UI of the screen are also full of strong retro elements. In the voice broadcast and commentary, all efforts are made to restore the TV broadcast sound effects of that era, which can be said to be an “immersive retro experience.”

Niu Niu feels that the “Jordan Challenge” mode has its epoch-making historical significance for both old fans and new fans.

For old fans, it is very rare to experience the classic pictures of that retro era. Even in the middle-aged, they still retain that juvenile spirit.

For new fans, even if the legendary era has ended, even if the legendary players have retired, they are the bright stars that never go out in basketball history. Experiencing those great classic moments of the year allows us to add an homage to them.

Although the “NBA 2K” series has always been ridiculed by players as a “new year’s skin-changing game,” since the first “NBA 2K1”, this series has been accompanying players and basketball fans. The covers of the NBA 2K series keep changing, and our memories of the NBA change with it. From the era of Iverson to the era of James, from the battle of the Lakers and the Green Army to the matchup of the Heat and the Spurs, from the battle of the cavalry to the change of stars.

When we started to work, there was no extra energy to run on the court, and the time dedicated to basketball was gradually squeezed out by work. But we can still open NBA 2K after getting off work and have a game with friends. This is one of the few times we can briefly leave the burdens of life behind us.

Even if we have fewer and fewer opportunities to contact basketball, we must not forget the self who wants to be Jordan on the court. We are also the “Jordan” in our own youth story.

How to win domination in NBA 2K23?

Whether you are an old player or a new player just getting started, everyone can use a few tips to up their game in NBA 2K23. In this article, we’ll share some of our top tips on how to dominate the court and take home victory.

The Game Mode

There are two ways to win in Domination NBA 2K23. The first is to have the most points at the end of the game. The second is to have more points than any other team when the clock expires.

To score points in Domination this game, NBA 2K23 MyTeam must first complete certain objectives. For example, in the “Assault” game mode, teams must capture and hold three different zones on the map. In the “Escort” game mode, teams must escort a VIP to a specific location on the map.

Once a team has completed an objective, they will earn points. The number of points earned will depend on how difficult the objective was to complete. For example, capturing a zone in “Assault” mode will earn more points than capturing a zone in “Escort” mode.

Tips & Strategies

To win domination in NBA 2K23, you’ll need to know how to play the game well. The following are some tips and strategies to help you improve yourself in the game:

  1. Use your shot selection wisely. Make sure to take the shots that will give you the most points and chances to make baskets.
  2. Control the tempo of the game. You must pace yourself to keep the other team on their heels and prevent them from building a lead.
  3. Be aggressive on defense. When you’re on defense, don’t allow your opponent to get easy baskets or put points on the board.
  4. Learn all the matchups – Take some time to get to know each player on each team so you can make an informed decision when playing against them.
  5. Master movement – Moving around the court quickly and effortlessly will give you an advantage no matter who you are playing against.
  6. Get good at shooting – many hoops games come down to who can make shots from long range; practice makes perfect here!
  7. Be aggressive – never back down from a physical challenge, especially if your opponent is weaker than you.
  8. Always know what’s going on – keep up with game stats and news so that you always have the edge over your opponents.

With these tips, you can become a dominant player in NBA 2K23 and achieve victory!

If you’re an NBA 2K fan and want to dominate your friends in 2K23, now is the time to start.

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