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Swords and Magic Somewhat different FPS “Wonderlands-Tiny Tina and Magical World” is also open to new players-Previous Play Repo!

※ It is not good if the image UI may be different from the final version. Also, the subtitles reflected in the screenshot are large for visibility, but you can also make it more noticeable with options *

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands | GRAVEBORN Class Preview & FULL SKILL TREE!

Are you playing a good route shooter of a reader? This time lucky “ Wonderland-Tiny Tina and Magical World ” We would like to deliver the play report as the play report.


# Goblin repression reversed together with alliance!

Two characters prepared for the trial version. “ Grave Bone ” and “ Staffomancer “. The character chosen by the author was a stabomanter and I thought that male characters thought. Gravebone is a female character that uses pets, and the trial version is allocated from the beginning. Since the stabomanter is not allocated, it is a specification that can enjoy build freely.

Introduction is suddenly thrown into the field, and Goblin’s “ Jar ” is creating “ Goblin repression anti-alliance (GTFO) “. This Jar is fun because it comes to “ Omigobe! ” with attractive sub characters. And stop the dragon god “ Volkanar ” of the dragon. This can be played as a side quest. Volkanar seems to have a pressure on Goblin.

# Many parameters that can be expected to be a lot of built buildings in the main story

This work has “ magic ” instead of the grenade frame. There were two types of Cool Down system, and two types of things that trigger and activated from long press. Variety, such as threating a barrier or throwing a flame, and flying wiben. The product version may have more variations.

In addition, surprise, surprise The concept of “close weapons” was introduced . As a result, skills with close weapons are functional and will make you feel a pretty freedom. As nearby weapons are also equipped, there is a drop, and it was quite exciting for any close weapons in Legendary.

And Skill Tree has only one in the preview version, but it is probably at least three of the series in the main story and have at least three. In addition, when it becomes level 40, there is no way to be worried about the “legendary rank”.

# Bodaran clause packed quest

First of all, the main quest called “ Goblin Repression Anti-Alliance (GTFO) “. Here is the content to launch the rebel by putting the GTFO poster or raising the flag. The next main quest was not progressing in the preview building, but I was very worried about the style to expect.

When you look at the side quest, “ Black truck ” is a quest that starts through the idol “ crap trap ” of Bodaran, and how to make a magical equipment. I do not know Poo, but for the time being, I will be used to make it and use it. At the quarry attack, it is possible to minify with a close attack, and the quest progressed when you collect a fixed number of ore. After that, another ore is collected or collected magic items. Ultimately, it is a bodaran clause that will be a ton demo deployment.

At the quest “ fighting warriors ” to take the rest of the ancient weapons, it is possible to avoid the battle and pass the other. Eventually, I passed an artifact to Goblin, but I was allowed to laugh at the development in the boss battle.

This build is the largest quest “ Person who defeats Volkanar ” will destroy the machine. After that, get a bomb and get a fight with “ Freich Kurs “. After that, I will defeat the priest and challenge the battle with Dragon Volkanar like Robo. Unfortunately, I did not get a legendary this time, but I may drop it if it is.

# Psychony of playability and hospitality

In the series, the message “ fighting and surviving! ” will flow, and if you defeat the enemy, you can be displayed as “ Secondow India! ” and resurrection. However, this time, “ Protect life! ” is displayed, and if you defeat the enemy, “ Death avoidance ” will be displayed. This is a good impression that this is the intention to play a new player easy to understand.

It is also sound, but as a statement in the interview of the audio director, there is a sense of “ Harry Potter ” from the title screen. In addition, the sound of attacks had a flashy feeling that I was traunched a little bit, but I’m a warm sound and it is impressive that it is a warm sound and it is difficult to get tired.

This work is a stronger impression that has been opened to a new player, and Bodaran does not know much, but the player will be easy to get in hand. How about trying to experience a sword and magical FPS? Well then, readers are all served, perfect!

Analysis reveals how it runs GOD OF WAR in PC compared to PlayStation

In Nordic mythology, Ragnarök refers to an end of the prophetic globe with a collection of occasions including a three-year-old winter (Fimbulvetr), followed by a fantastic battle on the level of Sigrid. The majority of divinities like Odin, Thor, Fear, Handball and Loki, yet likewise the titans and also almost all men will pass away there, a collection of all-natural calamities will then see the world overwhelmed by the waves and ruined by the flames.
The Ragnarök is the subject of many studies as well as conflicts to establish the actual origin of the story created late, after the Christianization of the Nordic globe. Numerous professionals suggest that the messages describing completion of the Python globe are influenced by biblical stories, from the last judgment, including the Armageddon as well as the end of the millennia world, and also the Ecclesiastes, Some also locate contrasts with stories of other Indo-European mythologies, which could show a common origin of the misconception or outside pagan affects. For several scholars, these influences obtained from various other cultures and also reworded by Christian clerics are wrongly credited to viking folklore, and also misshaped the expertise we have of Scandinavian belief. This message could also draw its resources in observing natural disasters in Iceland.
Richard Wagner has a lot popularized the style of Ragnarök with his Opera her Ring DES Nibelungen, whose last component is for title Götterdämmerung, the sundown of the gods.

When Horizon Zero Dawn and days Gone arrived at PC, several errors were reported in these versions. In this way, the fans were concerned that God of War suffered from the same destination. However, recent prevents have shown that this is not the case, and a new analysis has left this more than clear.

Today, Digital Foundry published a new video that brings face to face the PS5 version with the PC , and it has been pointed out that the new release is the best way to enjoy the work that Sony Santa Monica gave us in 2018.

While the version of PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 are still worth it, Digital Foundry has indicated that on PC with the correct options, which includes a graphical card such as RTX 2060, The game reaches stable 60fps in almost everything moment. Similarly, some problems related to textures and particles present in consoles, are not found in the PC version.

We remind you that God of War is already available on PC. On related topics, we also already tried God of War on PC, and here we tell you how it is. Similarly, God of War Ragnarök has received its first classification.

Editor’s note:

God of War In the PlayStation consoles it is still a valid option. However, if you are from those who are obsessed with the Frame rate, then the PC version is for you. All the options present make this a first level experience in all technical senses, as long as you have the necessary components.

CyberPunk 2077 Taquine A new generation version in its own right

Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-RPG computer game in the first person created by CD Project Red, influenced by the Cyberpunk 2020 table role-play developed by Mike Pond smith. The game has a Cyberpunk dystopic advanced world in which exist together modern technology with a degenerate human culture.
The game is noted by an especially lengthy advancement, partly since the workshop establishes the Witcher 3. Originally announced to head out on April 16, 2020, on Windows computer, as well as on the Xbox One, PS4 and also the Google Stadia system The video game is driven away a number of times until December 10, 2020, and will be released in 2022 on the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles.
Cyberpunk 2077 obtains a positive crucial welcome for its computer and Stadia version. On the other hand, essential technological problems are recognized for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, which motivates Sony to momentarily get rid of the PlayStation store video game.

CYBERPUNK 2077 Gets a new generation version in its own right in addition to the free upgrade already announced for the first users of the Xbox Series X.

Cyberpunk 2077 Getting Big Features in 2022! All New Leaks, Rumors & Improvements (Cyberpunk News)

CD Project Red confirmed the news during a recent Q & A for investors and analysts, sharing that the will come later and not at the launch of the next generation consoles.

When it comes to a complete and complete new generation version, which will come later, we have not announced when and I have no comment here on that.


The developer has often referred to next generation versions for cyberpunk 2077, so the existence of such plans is not a surprise.

Michael Wazowski, Executive Vice President of Business Development, said you can play the game from the start on the next generation through Microsoft’s Smart Delivery Initiative.

A hotfix will be available for anyone who buy the Xbox One version here and now from the start, said Wazowski. Once this update online, they can download it for free.

However, the PS5 has not yet been included in similar programs, because it’s the PlayStation that must first solve these problems, then we are happy to make a comment, but we can not skip the pistol in front them.

The Polish studio probably adopts an approach similar to Rockstar Games with Cyberpunk 2077, exit on the current generation platforms, and then launch an updated version specially designed for PS5 and Xbox Series X.

That said, the announcement of the SMART initiative was somewhat surprising and focused on the consumer, and that means — if they want to propose a new generation version — they will have to make sure that the upgrade respects the supporters of the First day and worth the price.

The Xbox Owners games also receive improvements, such as Gears 5, which improves the frequency of images and graphic details.

How to Cook Cookies with Chocolate Nuggets in Destiny 2 Dawning 2019

Destiny 2 is a video shooting video game in the very first multiplayer and also established by Bungee Studios and also edited by Activision (and also Sony Interactive Entertainment for the Oriental continent on PlayStation 4), launched September 6, 2017, on PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One and October 24 on Microsoft Windows. He was likewise released on November 19, 2019, on Stadia. This is the continuation of the video clip game Destiny, launched on September 9, 2014. In January 2019, Bungee introduces its separation with Activision after 8 years of collaboration, but retains the civil liberties of the series.

This is a brand-new Dawning in Destiny 2, and the 2019 version is online now. You have until January 1st, 2020 to complete all the tasks at your disposal for Eva before it disallows its shop and returns for the next seasonal event.

A keeper recipe Destiny 2 Want to do during the Dawning 2019 event is chocolate chip cookies, and you need a series of specific ingredients for these choices:

1 Cabal oil
15 gasoline of dawn

For Cabal oil, you have to go out the cabal. You can fight them anywhere in the galaxy or during sunscreen missions. For zero taste, you must eliminate any enemy with a class capacity or a device-based weapon type, which is ideal when you hunt the cabal.

Destiny 2 Dawning 2019 Recipes

The Final Ingredient, Essence of Dawning, is something you can win by doing premiums for EVA, patrols, climbing protocols, public events, heroic adventures, gambit or crucible games, Nightfall or Forge Completions. You have a wide variety of choices to pick them up.

If you are looking for recipe lists, we have the complete list for Destiny 2 ‘Dawning event 2019 here.

Erria Reverse release decision Highly evaluated smartphone games are significantly updated for the switch and re born

Brownies announced that the Sudoku RPG Anglia Rebirth for Nintendo Switches will be delivered on December 16, 2021.

This work has a smartphone app Anglia, a representative of the company, and a work that has significantly enhanced the Nintendo switch. The UI is newly new to controller operations, and it has also strengthened the effect that could not be realized in the smartphone version due to the capacity such as capacity.

In addition, new residents and missions are also added. People who have played in a smartphone version are also available for the selection.

[Below, Call from Release]

■ Anglia Rebirth is great!

Part 1 Change the operability significantly! UI is also new! Game balance for consumers is also re-adjusted!

With changes from touch operation to controller operation, significantly change the interface. It has changed to be able to enjoy the game more intuitively comfortably, and I could take a walk freely. In addition, game balance has also been re-adjusted to be convinced to consumer fans.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Review

Friends who have become rich in the two expressions. And the production is Eggs!

Enhance the facial expression of the Towns fellow! More than a more sunset to the story!

We changed to SWITCH specifications such as exposure of distances and fine gestures that could not be expressed on smartphones. In the town strengthening the production, you can enjoy more tense play during battle.

Part 3 Add many missions that were not included in the smartphone version. New resident too?

Significantly add game volumes to consumerization.
Added approximately 20 new events. Take a walk freely and interact with new residents!

▼ Ellis Series General Director / Character Design Tameka From Tameka

Thank you for waiting! This time, the Brownies original game Ellis REBIRTH was released at Nintendo Switch. While he wanted to release the SWITCH version from the time of the smartphone version he has passed the day of four years, but he had a high degree of completion that the time was open.

As a major improvement point, the player can freely control the protagonist chat like a consumer game, so please run around the town of Era. The user interface has also recently made from the touch operation of the smartphone to the controller operation. The production surface is also large and enhanced. Add face grazing expression in the event scene, add cut-in direction at the point of office, and raise other fine parts.

In terms of internal adjustment, change points, the battle balance, as well as changes such as obtaining items, changes such as event flags, etc., so there is also an event that does not occur even if you play on the smartphone version, as they changed to consumer. To do. As new residents and friends unique to Switch version, they will live in the city, so I think you will help you with adventure and city.

Are you also interested in topics related to Sugoroku Rpg Games?

It will be a personal story, but I was able to meet his 30 years this year, involved in the game development. And launch Brownies and rush in his 10th year.

This year, it is a brownie that have been operated as a development company so far as a development company has overlapped.

Bunnys Publish No. 1 and will be 10th Anniversary Works. I have been developing with Please take your hand and play.

Brownies Co., Ltd. Representative Director President Karachi

Nintendo switch Anglia Rebirth is delivered December 16, 2021. Download is a free price, and the price is 2,200 yen (tax included).

© 2017 EX NOA LLC / Brownies

PS5 PULSE 3D Black Edition of the headsets released

Sony has released a new version of the PS5 headset PULSE 3D. While the built-in technology corresponds to what was brought to the market with the black and white version last year, buyers can set themselves on a completely black version.

The pulse 3D can be ordered or purchased in the Black Edition at various retailers. These include Media Markt and Saturn. Also at Amazon is the new hardware listed and can be purchased for around 100 euros. Below the corresponding product links:

3D pulse buy in Midnight Black:

Midnight Black Headset Reveal Trailer | PS5

3D pulse at Media Markt
3D pulse at Saturn
3D pulse at Amazon

According to Sony, the headset for 3D audio has been optimized. The PS5 console offers a sound manufacturer with Tempest 3D Audiotech, incredibly immaculate sound landscape in which the sound seems to come from every direction.

The Features of the 3D Wireless Headset Pulse include two integrated microphones, which, among other things, with noise suppression technologies. Also, you can expect easily accessible control elements for microphone mute, master volume and mixing ratio for in-game audio and chat.

Other reports on PS5:

New model better or worse? Other tests published

Paragraph destinations are to be achieved despite delivery bottlenecks

In one of our hardware tests, the pulse 3D wireless headset made a good figure, even if it was not just praised. Sönke wrote in the conclusion : Beline-sounding acoustics, good fundriser, easy to use, versatile, optically great adapted to the PS5 design and thanks to low weight, soft earproof and flexible plastic straps over many hours very comfortable to wear – The 3D pulse offers a lot of performance for the money.

Further messages on Pulse 3D Wireless Headset.

Microsoft New Edge

Microsoft has released the updated version of the EDGE browser for Xbox. After a six-month test phase, the Chromium version of EDGE is now available for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles.

The XBOX version of the browser is now also fluid as on the PC and looks exactly as well. He also synchronizes all settings, favorites, tabs and web history.

By supporting mouse and keyboard you can access Word or Excel online, or Google Stadia games, optionally also play with the Xbox controller. While Xbox has no discord app yet, the new version of EDGE can access the web version. With Discord, voice calls can be made and participated in chats in the text channel.

We have already tested the new Edge browser and confirm that this version is a very large improvement over the predecessor. The more modern appearance and faster charging times leave a fluffy impression overallMicrosoft has releasedd the updated version of the EDGE browser for Xbox. After a six-month test phase, the Chromium version of EDGE is now available for all Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S consoles.

The XBOX version of the browser is now also fluid as on the PC and looks exactly as well. He also synchronizes all settings, favorites, tabs and web history.

By supporting mouse and keyboard you can access Word or Excel online, or Google Stadia games, optionally also play with the Xbox controller. While Xbox has no discord app yet, the new version of EDGE can access the web version. With Discord, voice calls can be made and participated in chats in the text channel.

We have already tested the new Edge browser and confirm that this version is a very large improvement over the predecessor. The more modern appearance and faster charging times leave a fluffy impression overall.

Xbox Series X Scalper get according to reports less for PlayStation 5

Resellers now receive around 30 percent less for PlayStation 5 consoles than in the market launch, while the prices for Xbox Series X have been comparable due to lower scarcity.

According to the resale side Stockx, the prices scalper for the PlayStation 5 have fallen, but the volume of Sony consoles sold has remained the same. According to own information, more than 130,000 Playstation 5 consoles were sold over the platform in the summer of 2021.

Should you play Neverwinter in 2021?
According to the highest level, which was at the Cyber ​​Weekend 2020 at $ 1,000 for the disc version, the prices have fallen since almost 30 percent. In September, the price dropped to $ 715. The digital version of the PlayStation 5 also reached a peak value of $ 1,000 and is now sold for just under $ 700 US dollars.

Meanwhile, the courses of the Xbox Series X have spread sharply to prices in the market launch. According to Stick X, the Xbox Series X at the Cyber ​​Weekend was between $ 750 to 800 US dollars and has fallen by 25 percent at the lowest level in July with $ 600.

According to Stockx, Xbox Series X has experienced a significant upswing in the current month and is sold for an average price of $ 725. Jesse Unicorn of Stockx says, that is the consequence that the Xbox Series X would buy rarely than the PlayStation 5 and that due to its relative shortage the prices on stockx have risen .

In addition, SCALPER attempts according to new reports to beat the updated PlayStation 5 model capital. The businessworthy among them responded to critical allegations about the revised Sony console (which were demented) by introducing launch or the new model numbers CFI-1116A (Disc Version) and CFI-1100B (digital version) into their offers.

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