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FIFA 22: TOTW 30 The new team of the week available in packages from 19:00

EA Sports announced the TOTW 30 of the popular mode FIFA 22 Ultimate Team .

The new team of the week will be available in packages starting at 7:00 pm tonight at 7:00 pm next Wednesday 20 April 2022.
The Team of the Week is a team composed of players who have distinguished themselves for level performance.
The newspapers around the world vote them, highlight them, and even FIFA Ultimate Team is no less.
Every Wednesday a new team of the week drops in the field, and is even saddle.
In fact, not only can you find in packages each of this players, but you will also have the opportunity to challenge the entire TOTW directly.

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch.
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Battlefield 2042 reveals the release of the next update

He says and Electronic Arts have revealed when it will be the next update of Battle of Battle 2042_ will be live. From the arrival of the game last fall, many _ battle 2042_ players have been waiting patiently that new updates arise so that the title is even better. And although several players seem to have been given up.

Detailed in EA website today, it was said that the next update for Battle 2042_ is going to come out at some point next week. This patch, which is version 3.3, was initially scheduled to launch this week, but EA says that it delayed the launch for certain reasons. “We had the intention to launch it later this week, but we make the decision to retain it to be better positioned to support in case of any problem that might have arisen over the weekend,” EA said in a new blog. “Our decision to launch the update next week will mean a new suspension of weekly missions and the system will remain inactive this week. Update next week will provide new content that will allow us to re-enable this function. “

Speaking more about what is this update _ battle 2042_ really will do it, a general scheme of the patch was also detailed. “Update 3.3 will present an updated score, incorporating applications from the entire community to update our format to show deaths along with deaths, and a team division to help differentiate the team leaders,” said the publication. “We will also have a small range of additional live corrections as part of the game update that will be detailed in our update notes next week.”

EA Officially QUITS Battlefield 2042.. ???? ( New Game is Coming ) - PS5 & Xbox
It remains to be seen if the update 3.3 for the battle 2042_ will finish drastically improving the game in some way, but we will make sure to inform you next week here at once the patch is really available. Until then, you can currently look to play _ battle 2042_ yourself on PlayStation, Xbox or PC platforms.

FIFA 22 Totw 9 Mbapp and Harry Kane Governing the team of the week in Ultimate Team

It s Wednesday and you know what that means. It s time for the team of the Ultimate Team Week at FIFA 22. Come on, what we know as the tow, which brings us to footballers with their improved stockings with respect to their original letter thanks to the actions they have had in Real football.

As we advanced in the prediction, Dylan Mbappé and Harry Kane are two of the most attractive cards of the week. They will be appearing in envelopes for a week and if you have one of the two, it will be a triumphed.

Other interesting letters are those of Shapiro or Ismail Carr, who is known in future teams because he runs like the wind with the rhythm of him. There is not much representation of Align. Simply with Ends Bard hi of the Levant and Ryan, the goalkeeper of the Real Society.



Emiliano Martinez — 86
Jonny Evans — 83
Oakum Mæhle — 81
Christopher Trimmed — 81
Jonas Hoffmann — 84 ( tow)
Ends Bard hi — 82
Sherman Shapiro — 82
André-Frank Rambo Anguish — 81
Harry Kane — 91
Dylan Mbappé — 92
Ismail Carr — 94


Ryan — 81
Hippie — 78
Mustachio — 81
Doubt — 81
Wilma — 84
Szoboszalai — 81
Cornet — 81
Bantu — 78
LOD — 79
Sahara — 79
Rodrigues — 79
Twine — 75

FIFA 22 TOTW 9 The predictions about the new team of the week with Mbapp Lewandowski

Next Wednesday India 22 already appears the TOW 9 (Team of the Week). We re already telling you which players could land in the new team of the week.

This is the Team of the Week: Every Wednesday in FIFA Ultimate Team Tow time. In this team, players who have convinced strong achievements in the past football week. These players then receive improved informal special cards that are available in pack for a week.

And since only international matches occurred last weekend, these predictions are based on the services of the players with their national teams.

These are TOW Predictions: The TOW Predictions are predictions from the community. The trying to guess which players could land in the team of the week.

They give a good overview of who could stand in the TOW. Potential informal player can then be used to earn coins on the transfer market. Like that works, you will learn in the trading tips.

It is important, however, that this is theoretical predictions and no guarantees. The TOW 9 next Wednesday can look different overall than the predictions suggest.

The prediction for the Team of the Week 9 in Ultimate Team

The predictions to the next team of the week are from the FUT page FifaultMateTeam.


TH: Martinez (Aston Villa)


LV: Maya (Valencia)
IV: India (Bayer Leverkusen)
RV: DI Lorenzo (Naples)

Midfield player

KM: Gunboat (Manchester City)
KM: McKenzie (Juventus Turin / Piedmont Calico)
COM: Zeus (Borussia Dortmund)
RM: Carr (Watford)


St: Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)
St: Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)

TOW 9 Replacement Bench:

The: Gordon (Heart of Midlothian)
LV: Williams (Liverpool FC)
IV: MM AEE (Ferencvárosi TC)
KM: Elma s (Naples)
COM: Dada (FC Cologne)
COM: Scrub (FC Cologne)
COM: Bard hi (Levant)
Com: Szoboszlai (RB Leipzig)
ST: Dramatic (TSG Cofferdam)
ST: Sahara (Rangers)
St: Gerson Rodrigues (Troyes)
ST: Wilma (OSC Lille)

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The possible Bundesliga players in the TOW 9

These players from the Bundesliga could be there:

2 goals and a template Robert Lewandowski at 4: 1 of Poland against Andorra. A performance for which the striker could secure his first TOW card.

Marco Reus made a real strong game against Liechtenstein and was able to contribute 2 templates and a gate to 9: 0 final score. So it is well possible that the Dortmund will receive his first inform card in FUT 22 this week.
In the game Croatia against Malta makes Andrew Dramatic a strong game, contributed a gate and two templates to the 7: 1 final score. A performance for which the Croat could quite get a TOW card.

Other candidates are:

Hippie (Bayer Leverkusen)
Dada (FC Cologne)
Scrub (FC Cologne)
Szoboszlai (RB Leipzig)


What do you think about the predictions for the TOW 9? Which player should necessarily be the new team of the week? Borrows us in the comments!

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