Final Fantasy XIV: End walker is the fourth expansion pack to Final Fantasy XIV, a massively multiplayer online parlor game (Warcraft Burning) created as well as released by Square Enix for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, as well as PlayStation 5. It was released on December 7, 2021, over 2 years after Shadow bringers, the previous growth, with its production postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Like its predecessors, Naomi Yeshiva worked as supervisor as well as producer and Masayoshi Spoken composed the soundtrack. The development pack was released as a standalone item for current players; for brand-new gamers, the Complete Version that initially launched with Heavenward was upgraded to consist of all expansions consisting of End walker.
In End walker, players straight challenge the Gar lean Empire, an expansionist power that intimidates the players’ homeland and also allies. Zeno’s, the mad kid of the previous emperor, has actually killed his father as well as currently looks for a battle with the player’s Warrior of Light. He is aided by Daniel, an Asian that aims to ruin the world and therefore end his never-ceasing presence. The story has actually been marketed as the ending of the Madelyn– Zodiac arc, attracting the existing recurring story to a close, with a completely new tale beginning in the significant spots following release. Along with including brand-new locations, the development pack boosts the level cap to 90 and debuts two new personality classes, Sage and Reaper.

Final Fantasy XIV: All servers are clogged to the last place, players are tired with the queues, and the game is withdrawn from sales only because to accommodate all those willing.

World of Warcraft Classic: 90% of servers from morning to evening have the status of Low, and the main cities resemble the city of ghosts.

Unfortunately, after the debut of the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic, and then the debut of the Season of Mastery, the vast majority of classic players went to a newer version, leaving Vanilla Wow in a deplorable situation.

Really deplorable. There are servers — especially those with a predominance of horde or covenants, where further playing in WoW-A (after the weaker side) there is absolutely no sense. There is a lack of active guilds, economics does not exist, and the search for a team for EVE activity occupies centuries.

A pair of quotes from Reddit ( 1, 2):

On my server on the Alliance side there are only two active guilds

Outside Fireman, all other PVP worlds in Europe are

Playing Wow Classic no longer make sense

Too many servers, too few players

Here you can see the photo of Storm wind City (main city of the Covenant) before Christmas:

And here is a comparison of Christmas 2019 with Christmas 2021:

World of Warcraft really looks like a Ghost Town
And even though for many months of fans of the original classic ask, they even plead blizzard to combine servers, this remains adamant. Why? Shit knows. Ask them, not use.

In Europe there are currently 38 Classic ERA servers and virtually all of them (apart from several exceptions, which meet the medium in the evenings) have a low population.

North American worlds have a similar problem.

Screen made afternoon December 28:

Nobody obviously does not claim that the entire World of Warcraft dies. What it is not.

The problem is that the Wow-A community is scattered, shredded after several versions (Retail-Shadowlands, Classic, TBC Classic, SOME), which causes versions with the smallest and least attractive content (see Wow Classic) automatically degradation.