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Dusk Falls Dusk Falls and Watch Dogs 2, among the new Xbox Game PDusk Fallss games for July 2022

The lDusk Fallst wave of Xbox Game PDusk Fallss games will not take too long to see the light. The American company hDusk Falls announced a list six new titles, which will be available throughout this week. One of the most interesting additions is Dusk Falls , a narrative cutting video game that will arrive at stores the same day Dusk Falls at the service.

Xbox Game PDusk Fallss Ultimate subscribers will have access to Watch Dogs 2 , Dusk Falls part of Ubisoft video games that are added for the enjoyment of subscribers. More games? Do not miss the complete list:

all the new games of July 2022

  • Dusk Falls Dusk Falls (cloud, console and PC) — July 9
  • Dusk Fallshes of Singularity: Escallation (PC) [email protected] —19 July
  • Watch Dogs 2 (Cloud, Console and PC) — July 9
  • MotoGP (cloud, console and PC) — July 21
  • Torment: Tides of Numenara (Cloud and console) — July 21

Games adapted to tactile controls

  • Citizen Sleeper
  • Disc Room
  • Academy Escape
  • Garden Story
  • Little Witch in The Woods (Game Preview)
  • Lost in Random

* Umurangi Generation
* Yakuza 0
* Yakuza Kiwami
* Yakuza Kiwami 2
* Dusk Falls Dusk Falls-Available on July 19

Among the video games that have arrived in July are Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza Kiwami 2, LDusk Fallst Call BBS, Djmax respect V, Matchpoint: Tennis Championships, Road 96, Escape Academy, My Friend Peppa Pig Pig, Overwhelm, Paw Patrol The Movie or PowerwDusk Fallsh Simulator.

Games that leave Xbox Game PDusk Fallss

You still have time to play the titles that appear on the list we offer below, since will leave the Xbox Game PDusk Fallss service on August 31.

  • Dodgeball Academy (cloud, console and PC)
  • Katamari Damacy Reroll (cloud, console and PC)
  • Lumines RemDusk Fallstered (cloud, console and PC)
  • OMNO (cloud, console and PC)
  • Raji: An ancient epic (cloud, console and pc)

Read here Dusk Falls Dusk Falls analysis.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Vengeance: Video game appears in the Xbox Game Come On June

Author Dotemu and also Developer Tribute Games in cooperation with Nickelodeon for June 16 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance in a brand-new battle against Foot Clan for Computer, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4 and also Xbox One and the Xbox Game Pass.

A new trailer was permanently offered on the stage of the Summer Game and also provided the extremely awaited perky allies of the Turtles Casey Jones as a usable character that will cleanse the roads of New York City with each other with them.

As of today, fans can obtain a 10 % discount rate if you pre-order the video game in the Nintendo Eshop and also in the Microsoft Shop before the release on June 16. This price cut will also be offered in the PlayStation Store as well as Heavy steam in the coming days.

Casey’s well balanced mixture of range, toughness and also speed makes it an awesome overall risk when he turns classy and also strongly through the flanks of the foot clan soldiers with its characteristic hockey noises. Casey Jones is a activable personality.

In the new video, Casey grabs with the Foot Clan:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Retribution integrates the job of 2 retro specialists. On the one hand, Dotemu, advancement studio as well as publisher understood for devoted ports, as well as excellent remakes and follows up of preferred collection, consisting of Streets of Craze 4, the quick-witted hit, which was chosen for the Game Honors 2020 as a best activity game, as well as the rapid windjammer 2 and also the much applauded Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap.

On the various other hand, tribute Games, the workshop behind initial IPs with retro sensation, such as Panzer Paladin, Flinthook and Hireling Kings, which incorporate the spiritual video games with a new game sensation. The rankings of Tribute Gaming also consist of key abilities that were entailed in video games such as the much assured Scott Explorer vs. the Globe: The Game, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which was released in 2007, for the Gameboy Advance.

Teenage mutant ninja turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance ranges the dimension of the opposing groups depending upon the number of players that strike each various other in and also on the pan. The 6-player multiplayer setting comes to be an absolutely intensive face-off versus Shredder’s awful henchmen.


Collecting pals on a couch is not the only method to play together-an online multiplayer for 2-6 players was verified, with the heroes going into the video game at any kind of time and also leaving it.

The typical childhood years desire for Dotemu and also Homage Gamings, where TMNT finally emerged: Shredder’s Vengeance, has actually been in the bulge for almost 30 years-and in a few days we invite the followers to do the TMNT-Beat-up room in to revive a completely new video game, describes Cyrille Imbert, CEO of Dotemu. Every one of this really feels truly unique.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance combines components of the timeless animation, the video games and also the plaything for a best celebration of the cherished heroes, states homage Gamings co-founder Jean-Francoa Major. This game is both a homage to an extraordinary TMNT age along with the spectacular community, which has constantly kept this phase of the series alive with its love for the timeless TMNT.

The statement additionally contains the initial appearance at teen mutant ninja turtles: Shredder’s Vengeance’s 6-player multiplayer mode .

UK charts: Sniper Elite 5 dives to the top

In the sales week from May 23 to 2822, the area at the leading safeguarded the freshly released “Sniper Elite 5″ shooter from Disobedience. Also due to the truth that the title discovered the way into the Xbox Game Pass on time for the launch, “Sniper Elite 5” started even worse than its precursor from 2017. Right here the retail sales numbers decreased by 64 percent.

In maintaining with the beginning of the new week, we reached the existing software application charts from Great Britain today, which were billed by GfK Chart-Track and published by As previously, only the retail sales are thought about, while the electronic sales figures are butted in separate charts.

Xbox Game Pass minimizes the retail sales on the Xbox

Guerrilla Games’ activity role-playing video game “Horizon: Forbidden West”, which came in second area on the British retail graphes recently. Adhered to by “Nintendo Switch Sports”, the “Lego Celebrity Wars: The Skywalker Legend” as well as the racing video game “Grandmother Turismo 7”, which remains to market many of his devices on PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, the release in the Xbox Game Pass and also the boosting circulation of totally electronic Xbox Series s led to the truth that the Xbox versions just contributed eight percent of the retail devices offered by “Sniper Elite 5”. The rest were versed for the versions for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

Here are the top 10 of the previous week in the review.

UK Retail graphes: The leading 10 of the week from May 23 to 28, 2022

1. Sniper Elite 5
2. Horizon Forbidden West
3. Nintendo Change Sports
4. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Legend

5. Grandmother Turismo 7
6. FIFA 22
7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
8th. Pokemon Legends Arceus
9. Minecraft: Nintendo Change Version
10. Pet Crossing: New Horizons

Further records on UK charts.


Xbox Game Pass: These games will appear in the membership in June

In the brand-new week as well as in June, all Xbox Game Pass subscribers can look ahead to new video games again.

Officially, Microsoft did not reveal the ready the very first half of the month for the Xbox Game Come On June, however a handful of games are still recognized.

Xbox Game Pass-June 2022

  • 01.06.2022-For Honor: Marching Fire Version

Xbox Game Pass Reveals Final MAY Games & JUNE Games Are COMING
* 07.06.2022-Assassin’s Creed Origins
* 21.06.2022-Shadow Run Trilogy
*??. 06.2022-Escape Academy
Additional video games for the Xbox Game Pass in June will certainly be introduced soon.

The new Xbox Game Pass update has disappointing news for subscribers

A new Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate update has disappointing news for Xbox One subscribers, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC. At this time, Xbox Game Pass is available in two forms. The base form costs $ 10 per month. In addition to this, there is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $ 15 per month. For five additional dollars a month, this version comes with Xbox Live Gold, EA Play and a variety of other advantages and offers for a limited time. There have been rumors that this version will be extended even more with the incorporation of Ubisoft+. While there have been many rumors that this happens, including rumors of credible sources, nothing of these rumors has emerged. Just say that when Ubisoft apparently and accidentally confirmed that the subscription service would come to Xbox Game Pass, many Xbox fans were excited. However, it turns out that there is nothing to get excited.

Xbox Game Pass Reveals 7 New May Games | Big Sony Acquisition Rumor Unveiled | News Dose

All confusion comes courtesy of the officer. Ubisoft Netherlands counts on Instagram. When asked about the subscription service that will reach Xbox Game Pass, Instagram’s official account responded with a smiling face with heart -eyed emoji. Many took this as an assent and a wink that the subscription service would reach Xbox Game Pass. However, after this began to turn, the Instagram account issued the following statement:

“Apologize for the confusion! We have to fix this. Ubisoft+ will arrive at Xbox in the future, but nothing is still known about Xbox Game Pass », reads in clarification. «However, _ Rainbow Six_xtraction, for example, is now available for Xbox Game Pass. Sorry for any false hope! No more information is known about it ».

Now, it is important to keep in mind that the previous propaganda is courtesy of Google Translate, so there is a possibility that vital context and meaning are lost in the process. That said, if you thought Ubisoft was hinting that Ubisoft+ would arrive at Xbox Game Pass, well, it wasn’t. Of course, the person who manages this account would not be aware of this information in the first place, but most of those who initially moved overlooked this data.

As always, we will keep it informed as the situation evolves. Meanwhile, to obtain more coverage not only on Xbox Game Pass, but about everything related to Xbox in general, including the latest news, the latest rumors and leaks, and the latest speculations, click here.

Can you kill Hitler in Sniper Elite 5?

Sniper Elite 5 will allow players to hunt Nazis in France from the Second World War. The action of Sniper Elite 5 takes place in 1944, that is, a year before Hitler committed suicide, so there are not many hopes to kill the leader of the Nazi party. However, this does not mean that you will not get your chance.

Sniper Elite 5 will allow players to hunt Hitler in the new Further goal: the mission of the wolf in the mountains DLC. DLC will allow the main character Karl Fairburn to participate in the Foxley operation. The purpose of this mission is that 1-2 players kill the leader of the Third Reich. It is not known whether the main character will succeed, but historically it should not.

Sniper Elite 5 - Reveal Trailer
The Foxley operation was a conspiracy to kill Hitler, developed by the British in 1944. Thus, this DLC will be based on real events.

Sniper Elite 5 will come out May 26 , 2022 , for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Steam, Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. It will also appear on Xbox and PC Game Pass on the day of release.

To find out about other games that will appear in Xbox Game Pass, read All games of the first day in Xbox Game Pass for PC or The best games Call of Duty to appear in Xbox Game Pass here in Pro Game Guides.

Rumor: Xbox Game Pass is more expensive and swallows Xbox Live Gold complete

Currently there is a lot in the area of subscription services for video games. Just a few days ago, Sony announced that PS Plus and PS NOW will merge from June and henceforth a new model including three ranks is offered. Also Rockstar call with GTA + a new service for GTA online into life.

Give a current rumor believe that the services of Microsoft are also changing, more precisely, the normal Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold are to be eliminated and raised the price for the Ultimate subscription.

Will the “Best Deal in Gaming” more expensive?

Where is the rumor? The report comes from Xbox insider and Journalist Brad Sams, who speaks in a current YouTube video about the future plans of Microsoft. Although SAMS is not an unknown, yet you should enjoy the following info with caution.

Here are the coarse key data:

  • Elimination of the normal Xbox Game Pass for 10 € / month
  • Elimination of Xbox Live Gold
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is continued
  • Price for the service: $ 15 / month

Do You Need Xbox Live Gold for Xbox Game Pass – Can You Play Game Pass Games Without Gold

For a monthly price of $ 15, you should receive all the advantages of the Xbox Game Pass and the benefits of your Xbox Live Gold Membership, as currently the Ultimate membership provides for. Brad Sams literally:

As I heard, Microsoft is currently looking to increase the price of subscription services and can demand $ 15 for membership including gold. Means, you get the Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold combined as a Fortan single model.

When it comes to restructuring? According to SAM, it should come to the price increase as soon as the acquisition of Activision Blizzard – the publisher and developer should be bought by Microsoft for $ 70 billion – over the stage is. Both parties are currently assuming that the middle 2023 will be the case.

Opinion of the editors for possible Game Pass restructuring

Dennis Michel: Although the information of SAMS is currently only a rumor that Microsoft relies on a combination of both subscription services and increases the price (easily), but is very likely.

The monthly offer of Games With Gold has been in the shadow of the new Games for the Xbox Game Pass (and PS Plus) and encounters with the selection of “free” games only on little enthusiasm. In addition, Microsoft uses the strong range of Xbox Game Pass with a low price of 10 € / month to get players in the Xbox cosmos – which works excellently.

Microsoft can afford the favorable deal as a commercially enormous strong company, but will not maintain this “lock price” for more years. Netflix, Dazn and Co. have made such a steady price increase and the Xbox Game Pass is even for 15 € per month in my opinion still a very strong offer – especially with a view of future AAA game of Bethesda and Activision Blizzard, which appears to release in the service.

But what do you mean, Microsoft will soon increase the price of the Game Pass soon and with which monthly price is yours?

Sniper Elite 5 is already Gold as well as his 2nd World Battle will soon show up at computer, PlayStation and Xbox

The launch date of Sniper Elite 5 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and also Xbox Collection X | S is established for Might 26 This same year, also arriving on Xbox Game Pass premiere. We welcome you to take an eye on the evaluation of Sniper Elite 4 to see our opinion if you desire to understand what we located the fourth installment.

It shows up on May 26 to PC, PlayStation and also Xbox The study has actually verified through a message on your official Twitter account that The game is currently Gold , that is, that it has actually finished its growth and also You are all set to begin the matching procedures that an item needs to occur prior to coming to the shops. In publication thanks “incredible” study of the research study as well as comment that they are nervous to see how gamers respond to their proposition from Might.

When we talk concerning Sniper Elite 5 we describe a computer game of activity and also shooting in third person focused on tactical combat . Equipped as constantly with our sniper rifle, we will have at our disposal an improved video camera, in enhancement to the most immersive maps made to day on the franchise. They will be mirrored a plethora of real world locations caught and also a transversal system that will certainly permit us to check out the France of 1944 in full The second world war.

At the end of the following month, Sniper Elite 5 markets, a brand-new numbered delivery of the franchise business in which we embodied a specialist soldier in handling a sniper rifle. Disobedience supplies some incentives to those who book it, and everything mention that they will certainly not need to fret about hold-ups on the date of launch.

Trek to Yomi: 15 min from gameplay, there are heads that are decapit

Trek to Yomi - Official Gameplay Trailer | ID@Xbox

After months of blur as to the release date around Trek to Yomi, Devolver Digital returns with good news on this day, since the new game of Flying Wild Hog will arrive on May 5th on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One, knowing that it will be available too on the Xbox Game Pass. The wait will not be so long that this good news is accompanied by a big gameplay video of 15 minutes. The latter allows us to show our universe, its characters, but also its mechanics of gameplay, which has similarities with Sifu and Ghost of Tsushima. In terms of comparison, there is worse and it’s even flattering. Otherwise, Flying Wild Hog (the developers of Shadow Warrior 3 huh) have joined the director Leonard Menchiari, a big fan of samurai movies, in order to introduce a real artistic paw. If you have already told you a lot of good on the game during our hands-we are now 3 weeks ago, know that this new gameplay video also shows us that the game will not harm the raw violence, in coherence With this era of feudal Japan where everything settled in Katana.

Release date of Trek to Yomi announced for early May

The Xbox Game Pass May 2022-lineup already contains some strong titles, such as Sniper Elite 5. But it has just got another game as Samurai slasher, Trek to Yomi has just announced his release date.

Hike to Yomi has set a Publication date for May 5,2022 and will be available on the first day in the Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PCs and released on PS5, PS4 and PC. The laterally scrolling Samurai slasher comes from Flying Wild Hog, the team behind Shadow Warrior 3. It is also a collaboration between them and Leonard Menchiari, who made it the eternal castle.

Trek to Yomi - Extended Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

In addition to the release date, the studio revealed considerable 15 minutes Gameplay, which show the beautiful aesthetics of the game as well as many bloody kills. We also get a look at the intermediate sequences and speakers in an intermediate sequence at the end of the video.

If you can not wait to get Trek to Yomi in your hands, and you live in the United Kingdom, you can actually play the game before publishing the upcoming event that takes place in the Tobacco Dock in London this weekend. Cards are currently available from 7 April to 9 April.

At the fair, you can also play a number of other upcoming Devolver digital games, including Cult of the Lamb, Card Shark and the recently published Shadow Warrior 3.

What do you think about Trek to Yomi and will you buy it in a few weeks or pick up over Game Pass?
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